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Monday, November 12, 2012

audio head phones Monster magic sound headphones teach you to burn in

audio head phones Monster magic sound headphones teach audio head phones burn in

New headphones, many people are finding better listen to headphones need to burn some time before M550i HR tend to music taste performance vocal chords excellent vocal music sweet, thick and full of soulful singing strings nuanced rich flavor seems to be able to smell the violin string on flickering pine scent filled with appealing the band extends very good sense of the density-class-ear headphones

In practice he found different wire connection audio equipment will produce a different sound, with high conductivity coefficient and a certain method of manufacturing out of the wire will be excellent transmission performance, thus creating a new industry friends

Now know how to burn in it. Burn in, the English name of the break-in, refers to a that makes replay of the audio equipment was powered on for some time before the new repurchase sound quality is better. But must never be used at high volume, large dynamic or electronic sound

Music album, in fact, pot headphones and car break-a truth slowly will make the mechanical parts vibration part is equivalent to the mechanical parts to get the best sync formidable, the burning mad little good pair of headphones is not good, pot bad

Voice ring may be deformed. ?

Magic sound headphones burn in Monster magic sound headphones audio head phones burn in:

Many of my friends bought a headset do not know how to burn machine, a friend in the the magic sound official website to buy a magic sound recording engineer, his customer service I said headset how burn in that I will not, in order to facilitate everyone Xiaobian here today tell audio head phones

How burning machine. Later bought a magic sound headphones, as long as audio head phones do Xiao Bian said, audio head phones OK looked perfect sound quality is audio head phones my pursuit of perfection. Burn in a fast to equipment aging stability measures. For headphones, pot

The machine is in fact in the pot diaphragm fold ring, new headset diaphragm folding ring mechanical Shun poor, resulting in distortion, after a period of time after use, along gradually, distortion will be gradually reduced to a normal level. Some components such as transistors, integrated circuits, capacitors, when new electrical parameters is unstable, and after a

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