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Monday, November 12, 2012

beats studio MP headphones purest encounter

beats studio The MP3 headphones purest encounter

X1 has a 67.5 × 25 × 12.2mm body, accompanied by the flashing crystal surface, the integration of the three design elements: crystal appearance, willow-cut gradient design, and ultimately the formation of the Rainbow Crystal shape effect. The sound quality, X1 inherited OPPOs a good sound, the overall feeling clean and pure, fit with the resolution of a better headset products, but also added a new tuning Richsound the OPPO originally pure sound quality based on to accommodating more details charm, extensive hearing, with a wider sound field and focus on breakthrough especially at low frequencies. The upgraded version DBEE sound into dynamic bass and NICAM two modes emphasis on low and vocals to meet the different preferences of hearing. Very important to get involved as a third party optional headset, select a what kind of headphones to meet her?

I learned beyerdynamic DTX60 earplugs with OPPO X1 is very appropriate, this ear giving a solemn, simple beauty. Portable earbud DTX60 face of fashion choices, the introduction of a live wave component. This the Baia DTX60 headphone merchants offer for 290 yuan, can be described by ear wear and OPPO X1 the equivalent for DTX60 earplugs, in line with the direction of the current portable fashion. The appearance of a cylindrical shape, the shell is made of a plastic material, effectively reducing the weight of earplugs. Earplugs are the bilateral design such as length of wire to ensure synchronized sound quality the medial surface polishing, the outside of the line lap is slightly soft plastic material, can pinna structure and convenient to wear the depth adjustment earplugs outside of a circular fusion line, the decorative became earplugs, but blue and blue trim strips on both sides of the two sections of the middle has revealed a part of the stylish atmosphere of classical beauty. The earplugs in high-frequency place, elegant sound are a good choice in the performance of the symphony and the human voice. Definitely not a problem with the OPPO X1, better sound insulation shield did not want to hear a slight exaggeration, but the noise is quite good.

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