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Friday, November 23, 2012

cheap street by 50 headphones Hello say a thousand times a day.txt

To say a thousand times a day hello

Each Shenyang busiest people play at least twice a year, Hello there anything I can help cheap street by 50 headphones ... like this, operator Hou Dan day repeated thousands of times. 31-year-old Hou Dan regarded 114 elderly children has been 12 years as an attendant, the attendant ranks, nearly 30 of her apprentice, with her words, and now his apprentice have train an apprentice. Hou Dan introduced, the attendant class size of eight hours per person, each class of traffic up to about 1000. Reporter learned that, last year, the 114 years traffic reached 22,164,000, according to the citys resident population of 8,106,000, an average each year of Shenyang, at least call twice. Hou Dan said, in fact, the traffic can be divided into a short season, the northern winter cold, the people who will be a corresponding reduction in the number of trips, from late October to February the following year became off-season, from March until October is the peak season. The busiest traffic month 6,7,8 three months, in July this year, the traffic of a single months unprecedented breakthrough of 230,000, mainly due to the query in the entrance examination sake. Simple expressions is also the entry requirements to become a real 114 operator, does not like the thought of so simple. The the Shenyang Unicom 114 information navigation center is responsible for the person the first Mandarin to be standard, speak fluent and not less than 50 words per minute typing, but also rich in the most important expression. Expression to be rich? The reporter on this threshold question. Shenyang Unicom 114 information navigation center responsible person said, the operator are not face-to-face service, but the expression of the operator or by the sound convey to the user, so the operator as far as possible to service with a smile, let users feel the attendant who affinity and positive mental outlook. reporter learned that each couple came to the 114 should be in the master led to listen Desk Hou Dan, Listen Lianting Li is due to call 114 users far apart have, these users a lot of speaking around the dialect, even if the answer is a local user, some users also relatively fast rate of speech, so, if bad nicely last month simply can not understand each other what to say. Therefore, in order to become a full business operator with work experience at least 2 years. multifunction can ask the way, registered and even Wake up in many peoples minds. 114 is only directory assistance. reporter experience wearing headphones wear frock try to smile, put on work clothes, try to smile ... the same day, the reporter also guested on a 114 operator while just open the computer interface, the reporter immediately Ma claw, do not know where typing along. master Hou Dan sidelines pointing this gradually on the Road.

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