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chrome hearts

Monday, November 12, 2012

cordless headphones National linens popularity netizens said that withyears is not bad

cordless headphones National linens popularity netizens said that with 30 years is not bad

Mildly entertaining, two things totally unrelated to how Contact with it? The original, on the evening of September 11, a man named grapefruit Alzheimers disease friends made microblogging with a diagram, complain about their own headphones snapped a cat, I did not expect this Photo actually instant popularity, and within a few days to be forwarded more than 30,000 times. However, popularity is not because the headset, but rather the headphone below the sheets, this orange-red, printed with vintage linens peony pattern caused the crazy forwarded Tucao the users, and the name National sheets sheets In those years we spent together bed sheets. He said, he was a Wuhan, a few days ago, with her mom and sleeping mat replaced linen, mother to hand out a linen him a look, not that the last few days of the Internet became popular National linens? Then quickly sent microblogging Shaitu. Western Daily

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