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Monday, November 12, 2012

dre beats studio Moving Coil Ear flagship

dre beats studio The moving coil Ear flagship

Just from the appearance point of view, Sony introduced a new the moving coil flagship ear headphones EX1000 with the previous generation and is not much difference, because Sonys R D focus on internal headphone. Is also the industrys largest 16mm size sound unit with use indeed launched a new liquid crystal polymer diaphragm, the true nature of the sound can be highly reduced, to obtain a more superior performance than the previous generation of products through our audition found EX1000 compared the previous generation of products EX700 has greatly improved in all respects, and largely due to the new diaphragm material. Its low frequency becomes thick, full of intensity, high frequency is more clear than ever, while not very harsh feeling was just right. Three bands can hear the varying degrees of improvement, and mix and can be distinguished from each other, in one word to describe the harmony. As the latest flagship product moving coil ear EX1000 performance enough to make us shines In addition to the flagship level of sound quality, EX1000 also provides a wealth of accessories to choose from, including 10 different sizes of earplugs can be replaced cable design, and so on, especially the headphone cable below uses a special memory plastic, according to different wearing bent and fixed and maintained, thus more comfortable using. High-strength aluminum-magnesium alloy shell, effectively reducing the volume of the body, and also be able to improve the listening experience to some extent.

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