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Sunday, November 25, 2012

in ear system Look headset features new.txt

See recent headset features New

Headphones these products relative to IT products market seems much smaller, relatively slow development of the industry. Recently two years, with the gradual warming of the attention of consumers for such products, earphone market gradually also lively. Foreign headphone brands have begun to enter the Chinese market, domestic manufacturers catch up fierce competition on the market. Competition between brands bring is the reduction of the overall price of the headset market, faster product replacement, for domestic consumers is a good phenomenon JVC portable headphones new listing

Once the headphone market, a long time to see the New Beginning last year, the various brands to launch new products faster than it. Most of the new products are targeted at the mainstream consumer market, product design fashion, easier to drive. Listed a large number of new products, for consumers, is a good thing, because of the greater choice. But on the other hand, also makes consumers confused, some overwhelmed by the recent market new products

This article is selected from the recent listing of new product features, introduce, introduction of new products covering earbuds, portable headphones and headphone three categories of products. Concerned about the headphones friends, may wish to take a look to see whether the product price in the hundred or so products in the market is the most mainstream, most consumers buy earplugs product, budget at this price. Hundred Yuan earplugs original foreign brands in the market, only the Sony MDR-E10LP has a strong market competitiveness, but with the JVC, Panasonic and Audio Technica launched one hundred yuan earplugs products, $ priced market competition has intensified up. Sonys new earbuds market, the earplugs the model of MDR-E11LP this earplugs distribution counter offer $ 99 to become Sony in one hundred yuan on the market the powerful reinforcements Sony E11LP

MDR-E11LP this packaging with the new version of the packaging of E10LP, are based on the tube-like packaging, now the arrival of this E11LP is black and blue with the version. The earbuds sleek, stylish appearance, a new modeling structure, earplugs part of the traditional style, and earplugs rear slender generous with them look stylish and cute. In addition, the sound performance, E11LP than E10LP small elevation.

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