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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

motorcycle earbuds Lotto Travel travel take this can be used for.txt

Lotto Travel travel take this can be used for

In 2002, Hong Kong ChuangLing International Limited and Kang Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. partnership, joint development and production of the KONTACT Chinese name: Kontact brand communications headset products, categories include call center headset headset, headphones Dialer Call box, headphones adapter amplifier, computer headsets, phone headsets, aviation headsets, stereo headphones, wireless headphones and a variety of headset accessories and other products. Kang occasion of Electronic Science and Technology Co., Ltd. as a sales agent in China after several years of efforts, KONTACT has become a well-known brand of communications headset market. Sales network throughout the countrys major regions, China Mobile, China Telecom, China Unicom, China Netcom, China Railcom, China Post and other enterprises specified for call center if headset products supplier in 2005, creating leading international and hand in Sport interpersonal electronic cooperation among the powerful German the SENNHEISER communications company with world-renowned professional headset manufacturers Germany the Sennheiser SENNHEISER communication company communication headset products regional sales agents in the call center product development, Kang interpersonal Electronics Introduces KONTACT Condat brand communication headset, traffic box and amplifier products covering a variety of analog / digital communication line system, designed by the professional and technical personnel abroad. In market-oriented the call effect to provide quality at attractive prices at the same time. Functional design to meet the actual use of domestic, continues to introduce new, more than 40 kinds of products are available now. The company adhere to the customer standpoint, honest and trustworthy, and for the sake of customers in Telecom, China Mobile, China Unicom, insurance companies, tobacco companies, pharmaceutical, public security, tourism companies, gas companies, information consulting companies, many call centers are well received, customers to choose from, and better value for money quality products. Is committed to provide customers with high-quality business and after-sales service, in pursuit of an everlasting business philosophy, and the full support of the clients business and development, the two sides finally be able to get the win-win. It can be said, the agents of our headphone products can bring motorcycle earbuds more information and business opportunities!

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