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Friday, November 23, 2012

over the ear head phones Innovative AurvanaAir for only 529 yuan.txt

The innovation AurvanaAir for only 529 yuan

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Aurvana series 2009 German Red Dot Award Aurvana Air when the market price of 1699 yuan. So many audiophiles Wangyangxingtan! However, with the growth of time to market, the price of the headset all the way down. The price of this product has reached 529 yuan, over the ear head phones have to wait?

Innovation Aurvana Air uses innovative the EaseFit the earhook workmanship design, extremely comfortable to wear, very suitable for long wear without any discomfort while earhook also ensure that users in motion earplugs still firmly attached to the ear the Department without falling. Flexnium hooks made of nitinol memory metal is not only lightweight and durable, inert coating also ensures that users of the ears of metal allergy safe and worry-free use of earplugs, soft rubber cap better comfort. Fine lines accompanied by metallic champagne gold polished shell, inadvertently exudes luxury and timeless temperament, called generation timeless fashion classic!

Strong magnetic force neodymium magnet thin sound unit and give listeners after the the acoustic tuned bass groove will give users the most realistic sound, combined with high purity oxygen-free copper cable and gold-plated plug, innovation Aurvana Air the purest digital entertainment experience innovation Aurvana Air after the acoustic tuned bass groove bass Closer, dive deeper. Headphone wires the thermoplastic elastomer deposited layer, anti-wound and reduce the friction noise. Adjustable beam line can help users organize loose wire, in order to get a better listening experience innovation the Aurvana Air earplugs also comes with two pairs of sponge ear pads, integrated adjustable beam line can help over the ear head phones organize scattered headphone cable elegant leather carrying sets to facilitate the players to carry the headset to go out or travel as the generation of headphones Wang, innovation Aurvana Airs price has dropped to a reasonable interval. This product is currently in the new egg and Jingdong price was 529 yuan. Users do not hesitate to like it!

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