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Monday, November 26, 2012

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Summary: Hebei Province faces to promote the strategic restructuring of the improvement of the market economy system, and opening wider to the outside world, accelerate the construction of economically strong province of Hebei the important task Logitech wireless headset 3.5. Therefore, the adjustment of the industrial structure has become an important theoretical and practical issues. In this paper, the relevant economic data, economic development in Hebei Province and its industry structure analysis, to find out the problem, and finally put forward the ideas and direction of industrial restructuring Keywords: Hebei economic development of the industrial structure in Hebei Province is now facing promote economic structural strategic adjustments to improve the market economic system, and opening wider to the outside world, and to accelerate the important task of building an economically strong province and modern Hebei Through the analysis of problems exist in the development of industry in Hebei Province Logitech wireless headphones 3.5 ideas and direction of the development of leading industries and competitive industries Logitech wireless headset 3.5. Extensive degree of economic development of the existing industrial structure in Hebei higher Logitech wireless headset 3.5. Traditional industries still is the pillar industry of Hebei Province, Logitech wireless headset 3.5, the high proportion of the resource-based Logitech wireless headphones 3.5, and light industry to meet the final demand, the low proportion of re-processing industry Logitech wireless headphones 3.5 is a strong emphasis on the resources structure, resources Tradition products accounted for 1/2 Logitech wireless headset 3.5, and 1/3 of the country. Under the auspices of both the heavy and chemical industries, the economic development of the national macro-control policies associated highly compact Logitech wireless headset 3.5, resulting in economic development is easy to follow national policy adjustments and significant fluctuations. Second, the prominent structural contradictions of industrial economy. First, the overall technical equipment and technological backwardness, highlight the extensive operation, high-tech development, there is a big gap. Similar high level of industrial structure, and small-scale and scattered Logitech wireless headset 3.5, the low level of intensive, low-level redundant construction is more common. Regional imbalances in the distribution, the degree of concentration is relatively high Logitech wireless headset 3.5, regional industrial convergence. Third, the development of the tertiary industry is still lagging behind. Industrial advantages are mainly concentrated in traditional service industries such as wholesale and retail trade, services, transportation and warehousing industry, low labor productivity, economic efficiency in general, lack of development potential. Logitech Wireless Headset 3.5, Hebei Province, the first economic census data bulletin shows the service sector is significantly lower profit margins in Hebei Province, transport, storage and communications industry, the two traditional wholesale and retail trade and services as a major service industry in Hebei Province, its main business revenue in 2004 were 417 Logitech wireless headphones 3.5.13 billion yuan and 246.245 billion yuan Logitech wireless headset 3.5, while the total profit were only 72 Logitech wireless headphones 3.5.23 billion yuan and 4.115 billion yuan. Significantly lower profit margins. While a third irrational industrial structure, the view from the developed countries, insurance, modern logistics, information services, real estate and business services, mainly in the modern service industry and knowledge-intensive emerging gradually increase the proportion of value added services. Services internal structure of Hebei Province, the traditional service industries occupy the dominant position, modern and emerging service industry. Two great traditions of the service industry for the transport, storage and post and telecommunications, wholesale and retail trade and catering industry were 26 Logitech wireless headphones 3.5.2% and 24 Logitech wireless headphones 3.5.9, finance and insurance, real estate accounted for only 8.4% and 5.6%, respectively. Recommendations to promote the Adjustment of Industrial Structure a rely on technological progress to further optimize the industrial structure optimization of the industrial structure, high-efficiency industrial and high-tech industry, increasing the proportion of quantitative process is a gradual process. This requires on the one hand to encourage the pillar industry of companies actively use state-of-the-art high-tech, non-balanced conversion of the industrial structure jump. Pillar industry of the enterprise has a certain degree of maturity, the product has a broad market, often because of its large market share caused by common concern, more in-depth research on product technology, the advanced mode of production and the degree of intensification will certainly be higher. Logitech wireless headphones 3.5, the advanced mode of production in developed countries should be the direct object reference Logitech wireless headphones 3.5, Hebei Province, one of the pillar industries of the textile industry, for example, given the current international machinery, textile and apparel industry content increased every year, which should attract international advanced technology added to the provinces industrial base and market advantages continue to transform the traditional pillar industries Logitech wireless headphones 3.5 to win while expansion in the total guarantee quality, technically advanced Logitech wireless headset 3.5. The conditional industry and businesses can take the lead out of the original backward production technology, new projects targeted to new technology and state-of-the-art equipment, and using high technology to directly support industrial development, industrial structure leaps and bounds Logitech wireless headphones 3.5. On the other hand to enhance the corporate technology R D capabilities of the pillar industries, in order to extend the life cycle of the industry itself. Chinese enterprises invested in science and technology has been in a lower level of investment in research and development is far behind the developed countries. Pillar industries due to the relatively mature product, the technology is relatively stable, corporate general lack of investment in technology development should have the passion and intensity of Logitech wireless headphones 3.5, the pillar industry of the main features of the product to the market supply and demand tends to balance the Logitech wireless headphones 3.5, future competition The focus is not the price is lower production costs Logitech wireless headset 3.5. Logitech Wireless headphones 3.5, after the competition after leaving the enterprise will grow and develop, which is in line with general market economy Logitech wireless headphones 3.5. Can be found by analyzing the Logitech wireless headphones 3.5 can support down to business enterprises are at the leading edge in technology to compete and win the victory. Improve the overall R D capability is an important guarantee to extend the maturity of the pillar industries, enhance and maintain market competitiveness Logitech wireless headset 3.5. B to promote industrial clustering, to cultivate leading industry group with strong externalities or spillovers enterprise, enterprise innovation or production location choice, tend to focus on the trend, namely the phenomenon of industrial clustering. Industrial clustering phenomenon is a form of regional industrial organization, spatial agglomeration of industry and played a crucial role in industrial innovation. Industrial spatial agglomeration more easily capture the opportunities for innovation, companies can more easily close to the market, understand the customers propensity to consume, and reduce the cost of learning, and strengthen inter-firm technology spillover effect, promote technological progress and accelerate business product innovation. The world on different features the industrial enclave Logitech wireless headset 3.5 actually is the distinctive industrial innovation zone Logitech wireless headset 3.5. The same time, we should strengthen the development of new leading industry group. Leading industry group is the hope of a certain period of regional economic development, due to the assimilation of regional industrial structure with a strong background of the times and the existing tendency, particularly important period of opportunity to grasp the leading industry group, once established it is necessary to strengthen the investment to accelerate the development. Leading industry group has strong impetus, a role significantly Logitech wireless headset 3.5 promote the development of the regional economy as a whole, but in the start-up and development stage Logitech wireless headset 3.5, in particular, need the attention of decision-makers, policy support Logitech Wireless Headset 3.5, require investors to actively participate in the Logitech wireless headphones 3.5. Strengthen the support of the new leading industry group is a important part of the national and regional industrial policy.

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