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Friday, November 23, 2012

sms 50 cent headphones Inventory of professional women in the office of those bad habits.txt

Inventory of professional women in the office who bad habits

In order to maintain a full day of beautiful makeup, some women need makeup every day several times. To save time, every time they pick up the make-up mirror, puff, lipstick makeup directly.

Hazard: cosmetics skin contact with the outside dust, bacteria first hurdle, especially running errands and come back, dust well into cosmetics, skin secretion of oil, sweat, pollution levels can be imagined. If sms 50 cent headphones do not remover makeup, dirt will directly cover the skin, the skin can not breathe. And action as talcum powder, etc. These contaminants may penetrate into pores, irritate the skin and lead to blackheads, acne and other.

Hazard: coffee, tea and other beverages with plain water in the bodys metabolism is different, they are no substitute for plain water, especially drinking water detoxification function. Coffee, tea, diuretic, refreshing effect, but may also cause cell dehydration, drink plenty of it will affect the balance of the human body.

Some women find that the work, wearing headphones to avoid disturbing the surrounding people listen to music, even if their own to open a small difference will not be leaders found.

Hazard: the headphones hanging in the external auditory canal, zero distance voice transmission to the ear, to avoid the interference of other sounds, but direct stimulation of the ear nerve, long time.

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