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Saturday, November 24, 2012

sms audio street Lonely lonely days.txt

Lonely my lonely one day

See the street coming and going, the car to drive to in the struggle for that goal in his mind, the occasional stop to enjoy the scenery around, looked around a person, then the self from language to say a few words, looked up and smiled and picked up his luggage for his dream to go back and forth, I know sms audio street side will certainly be such a taste others live.

All people in the world want to have such a person in life, man, he would not bother sms audio street, it will not interrupt the moment sms audio street speak, will not hold anything against sms audio street this disgust sms audio street that, not thinking of sms audio street interrupted the moment sms audio street think about the route, but there are several such people life.

The day is still one day at a live, occasionally a little worry about the little things or happy little things, just in order to set off the ups and downs in my life, even a live unknown passers will come and sms audio street strike up a conversation.

Days really make things difficult for a person, no matter at what time, had told myself at all times maintain a better mood; told myself to believe that they will have a brighter future; tell their own people the same they have only so, the bearish mood will naturally themselves more will not be alone; others will tell their own troubles, loneliness and isolation; tell a person live will live a better, even if there is no love and friendship, we also have to live, because of love, not a single line, Xia, because I believe, it has been live.

God knows him every day thinking what? Sometimes he would face the wall thinking one day; Sometimes he would one day sit day, not opening if he is a statue in the park, even passers-by after occasional dialogue with him, he just nodded or shook his head, and then swing back from the original view that the charismatic POSE; Sometimes he will hold a book sitting on a stool, until after reading the whole book, he would go home; Sometimes he would tell the front of an animal heart words, and then looked at the animal showed embarrassment hear his voice or a facial expression, he would be excited for several days; sometimes he would think about for several days because of a certain thing; sometimes he would quietly stay library until the administrator had cast him out, he will be reluctant to leave the place of spiritual comfort; Sometimes he would with headphones, shuttle everywhere in the city; Sometimes he will get home clean, and then facing himself in the mirror smiling innocently ......

Life because something will look like over life, but one day, what will not happen, no one at the front, and he struck up a conversation, not a persons eyes will remain in his body, there is no one wants to help him through lonely, lonely, worry, sadness ... and no one for his deliverance.

Is such a day, a laugh, a cry, a person speaks, a tourist, a man wrote a reply, a sad and a happy, a talk one indulgence, a person sleep, a person to eat, there is too much of a life, But so many people who can meet and who will not, and who talk, even if occasionally meet, only stranger, no one will stay for that person, but also will not stop the pace of that individual, even if it is not, and talk to him, and he would talk, and his love, and make friends with him, He also has been good living, because he has been very much believe that love will not be a single line, not become loners love.

Love that he is a person to live often reminded of their own, have been hurt, afraid to hit again, so it became a.

Walking on the road, too much total we stop the pace, but too much is too much, not a girl boy and I struck up a conversation, I know that everyone there is always a period and I performance now, a lot of people are, I know sms audio street do not laugh at me, I must be better off than sms audio street hundreds of times, thousands of times why good I want to cry, to see the tears out now! hey. Do not worry, Ill better life than sms audio street.

A long day, I used to, sms audio street see, I was more than happy to get up at six every morning, to go along with his own small pets rabbits exercise, drink a glass of milk every day, eat an egg, I also drink honey it? As well as milk powder, every day I do not regard myself hungry to, I am very happy, I am happy, although I do not have the life of those of sms audio street who, although I do not have a girlfriend, I do not have friends, I did not tell the truth the object no Sunday play, Im not like sms audio street thought, I do not have a lot of things, but Im glad sms audio street do not believe, see I wore how new clothes, Ill never let sms audio street look down on sms audio street go to laugh, I will not throw in the towel, and I will tell sms audio street out loud, I will accept a new romance, not to hurt, I will take a good, really happier than sms audio street are millions of times, I have to accept the new romance, no longer here for sms audio street, I want to talk about a world filled with love.

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