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chrome hearts

Monday, November 26, 2012

sms headphones by 50 cent Million-level custom earplugs 6 unit UE18Pro luxury experience.txt

The Unit 6 million-level custom earplugs UE18Pro luxury experience

Custom earplugs is an attitude, custom earplugs represents luxury, the custom earplugs represents sound quality on the pinnacle. The eyes of the staff in the professional arena, custom earplugs may be just a tool; enthusiasts in the eyes, the custom earplug is struggling to bring down a fever before; However, in the eyes of ordinary headphone enthusiasts, custom earplugs dream. However, from the past the custom earplugs sound quality level look, it has been moving coil and high-end HiFi headset system comparable custom earplugs to a maximum of only 4 units, but the old models, UE18pro refresh the record again, whether the two units on the more The sound quality of great help?

In fact, custom earplugs is in much dispute, on the one hand, its price can buy a desktop HiFi equipment; On the other hand, it is the sound quality and really high-end HiFi headset high? With these questions, we from the inside to the outer layer by layer analysis UE18pro six unit custom earplugs strength. The same time, in the end of the evaluation, we will following question 11 answer users.

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