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chrome hearts

Friday, November 30, 2012

sync by 50 wireless Merchant derivatives busy with Sun Yang Zhanqindaigu seize the Olympic opportunities.txt

Businessmen to seize the Olympic opportunities derivatives busy with Sun Yang Zhanqindaigu

Sun Sun Yang impressive record in the London Olympics swimming field, again making it a hot national idol. The sense of smell electricity are the same to seize business opportunities, and the opportunity to earn bowl full of pots overflow. This reporter has learned that the authorization models T-SHIRT the same paragraph headset derivatives opportunistic network set off a hot cyclone in the 361-degree official flagship store, Sun Yang Olympic signature T-SHIRT, who won the highest popularity in one fell swoop single month sales almost equal to 900. Which cotton round neck T-SHIRT printed Sun Yang in swimming pools bust, with pride, waving hands, like every win lens, following with the signature of the Sun Yang, the price of 79 yuan / piece this same time, known as the magic sound headphones with the same section of the Sun Yang once again inspire the enthusiasm of buyers who purchase. Even if the price is not enough close to the people, priced from a hundred to two thousand dollars range, but the recent performance is pretty good, volume breakthrough single digits Moreover, seemingly with the sale of sports products did not take the side of sellers, 削尖了脑袋 Pong on the sync by 50 wirelessng Olympic champion. It is understood that Sun Yang favorite tragic businesses use, is living as a Showmanship coup reporters Search, a simulation of the ring had been the seller insisted on adding a favorite Sun Yang, a month to sell out of 15. Snack food like spiced spiced corned egg, spicy squid, flavor, duck tongue, the wild Slitherskin shrimp all became a favorite Sun Yang, recent sales call. This reporter learned that part of the crown Sun Yang word derivatives difficult to distinguish between true and false, but most buyersd start happy. It seems that the champion of the star effect is really unstoppable.

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