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Saturday, November 24, 2012

telephone headsets Love you editing resolve the the headset four major fatal flaw.txt

Love telephone headsets not easy to edit parse the the headset four major fatal flaw

View from our investigation of the listening habits of telephone headsetsnger users, a lot of people like to choose headphones listening to music rather than the speaker. The reason for the author summarizes the following points: First of all, the limitations of headphone listening environment is small, telephone headsets may want, anytime, anywhere with a headset to listen to telephone headsets favorite music, not speakers; Second, headphones better portability, like telephone headsetsng people listen to music very unlikely carrying the speakers everywhere Run, unrealistic and does not look good; Finally, the low price of the headset price, performance is basically the same sound quality speakers than headphones price several times higher or even ten times at hand does not so well-off telephone headsetsng users is still relatively inexpensive headphones but telephone headsets may know, the headset also its fatal flaw, which is some audiophile-grade music lovers prefer to overcome conditions to select the speaker rather than the headphone reasons poll recording disc

Currently, in addition to some of the the head recording technology CD disc, headphones head effect has become the Achilles heel, an important reason for the sense of hearing is not enough natural sound field is not the speaker user. But due to some reasons for the restrictions, the mainstream CD discs on the market using the ordinary recording technology, which means that the earphone products and can not get rid of the shadow of the head effect.

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