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chrome hearts

Sunday, November 25, 2012

wireless headphone review Hebei Kaoyan unified with wall clock candidates are not allowed to wear watches Admission.txt

Hebei this Kaoyan unified with wall clock candidates are not allowed to wear watches Admission

Yesterday, the Provincial Education Examination Yuan announced the Hebei Province, in 2013 the National Graduate Examination are faith examination Notice province postgraduate examinations during this year, the test sites will be unified with wall clock master the exam time reference, as candidates, candidates in the examination shall carry any timing table to enter the examination room bulletin pointed out that, for postgraduate examinations in recent years, there have been many candidates from graduate students to help other candidates exam implementation cheating. According to state regulations, applicants must be a graduate student at the school before enrolling consent where the training units agree. The province stipulates that for uncultured units agree unauthorized apply for graduate students in the school, once discovered, will instruct the original reading training units to handle withdrawal procedures; common implementation exam irregularities collaboration with other candidates, will be severely dealt with in accordance with the relevant provisions until expelled student status in order to strengthen the examination discipline, the provinces 2013 National Graduate Entrance Examination will all enable the National Education Examination standardized test sites, continue to use cell phone jammers, the wireless headset detectors and metal detectors a variety of anti-cheating tool; invigilator will candidates authentication verification. Irregularities or cheating in the national graduate entrance examination candidates, the circumstances are especially serious, given to suspend its participation in various national education examinations 1-3 years of treatment, the same time, students in school by their school in accordance with the relevant provisions shall be disciplined, until the expulsion.

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