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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

review in ear Logitech USB headset troubleshooting.txt

Logitech USB headset troubleshooting

If this is review in ear first time using a USB headset, or use a different USB port than review in ear do, then review in ear might want to try using a different USB port for review in ear headphones. Many computer functions such as high-speed and 1.0 mixed different types of USB ports on one machine, and opportunities are good, review in ear work best headphones only when it is in a high-speed port. refer to computer owners of multiple properties in a particular USB drive manual. adjustment input / output volume

If the sound level is out of balance, review in ear can not listen to other people in review in ear headphones or they can not hear review in ear, try to adjust the input / output volume, there are two ways review in ear can do this if review in ear have a state-of-the-art sound card tool to find it and into the input / output settings, adjust the volume if review in ear do not have a sound card tool to find review in ear computer sound option area system tray, and then adjust the microphone input, voice output bar best is doing, while others use headphones, so that they can provide review in ear adjustment advice Make sure to install the correct driver

If review in ear can not get review in ear USB headset work, review in ear may need to install different drivers when review in ear first inserted in the headphones, these drivers should have been automatically installed, but if there is an error or download files become damaged, review in ear can access the Logitech website to download the appropriate driver. Once downloaded, will automatically install their own drivers, but review in ear will need to restart review in ear computer. refer to the Resources section about download driver link.

wireless kleer High cost-effective voice headset ear God ES305MV only 69 yuan.txt

Only 69 yuan high price is good and sound good headphone ear God ES305MV

For ordinary users to buy digital products will certainly depend on cost, the headset is no exception, and be able to spend less money to buy better headphones is the ideal choice. Ear of God as we launch a cost-effective ES305MV headphone design stylish atmosphere, wear comfortable, good bass reverberation effect, the sense of space, beautiful sound, sounds, is a very good headset The headset market reference The price is only $ 69, the cost-effective suitable for purchase. The ear God ES305MV headphone the white carton translucent packaging design, and concise. The overall headset is black and gray with shell, plastic material, good control product weight, the first beam the medial and earmuffs medial soft leather pads wear more lightweight and comfortable. The headset overall weight of 192g, the ergonomic design, the freedom telescopic adjustable headband, adapt to different head type, long wear comfortable not tired. Ear the God ES305MV headphone earmuffs built-in 40mm speaker unit, impedance of 32Ω, the frequency response range of 20Hz-20001Hz, tightly packaged acoustic design, outstanding sound insulation and strong bass sound, headphones overall bass lingering effect, treble clear, wide vocal range, accurate sound positioning, suitable for listening to music, playing games, a variety of environments. Ear God ES305MV headphones with high sensitivity microphone connected to the outside of the left ear muffs and hose design, free to bend and noise cancellation technology, pickup clearer. Headset plug dual 3.5, 2.1 m long line, so that has greater room to stretch. Xiaobian Summary: the ear God ES305MV headset design is simple low-key, comfortable to wear, outstanding sound quality, adequate amount of sense, for entry-level users in the computer or laptop.

Monday, December 24, 2012

bluetooth wireless stereo headphones IPhone5 or moved to the bottom of the fuselage of the 19-pin connector headphone jack.txt

iPhone5 or moved to the bottom of the fuselage of the 19-pin connector headphone jack

Abstract The source said that Apples next generation iPhone will use a smaller 19-pin connector instead of the previous interface. Technology blog have pointed out that the smaller interface will allow Apple more room to launch a new product design or larger battery, or the production of smaller products and other sources said, Apples next generation iPhone will use smaller 19-pin connector instead of the previous interface Beijing early morning of July 24, according to two sources familiar with the matter said Apples next generation iPhone will use the smaller 19-pin connector instead of the previous interface this change may make loyal Apple users are dissatisfied, but parts manufacturers is a good thing these two news sources, the Apple iPhone 5 is expected to be in the market before and after October, this new phone will have in the bottom of the a 19-pin interface, instead of the previously used 30-pin interface, a move designed to make room moved to the bottom of the headphone, which means that the new iPhone will not connect as speaker and charger and other accessories, and These accessories constitute the iPod, iPad and part of the previous version of the iPhone ecosystem. Analyst pointed out, this means that a new business technology research firm Canalys analyst in London Pater Cunningham Pete Cunningham said: This represents an opportunity for hardware vendors iPhone interface become a standard for a long time, and if Apple will make any changes, as expected, then I expect the new interface also will become the standard.

Apple is yet to comment on this news. Prior to this, the technology blog has long been speculation that Apple will give up the 30-pin interface, this interface is 21 mm width too much space, especially in the the microUSB latest technology can provide more power in a smaller space, even more so . Technology blog have pointed out that the smaller interface will allow Apple more room to launch a new product design or larger battery, or the production of smaller products.

custom in ear earphones Logitech UE headphones released in China for the first time the high-end.txt

Logitech UE headphones released in China for the first time the high-end

The Logitech UE brand was born on the stage, in the early creation of UE groundbreaking moving iron technology applied to the headphone industry, and focus on the design and development of customized listening ear headphones. Unique technical advantages and customized services, so that the UE quickly won numerous recognized by the professionals, Schill, Miranda

Logitech UE headphones in the China market, and has landmark significance for the Logitech comprehensive lacustom in ear earphonest of the field of personal peripherals. Logitech president of China, Liu Kun said: In recent years, Chinas digital music market has maintained a rapid rate of development, there has been a significant growth in the demand for specialized, diversified and personalized user headset. Logitech Chinese market research found that Chinese consumers are no longer satisfied with simple headphones listening feature, but more emphasis on superior audio performance, the headphones have to wear comfortable, the style is simple and can be used with a variety of audio connection characteristics . Individuality and share their life with music is a new consumer trend of digital life advocates.

where can you buy 50 cent headphones Long-term wear Bluetooth headset.txt

Long-term wear Bluetooth headset

Wear a Bluetooth headset for a long time, the body harm?

Bluetooth headset radiation on the human body is no obvious damage, Bluetooth headset, while not directly eliminate cell phone radiation, but through the Bluetooth headset radiation pollution and human separately, thus avoiding the hazards posed by mobile phones on the human body. Only a few tenth of the mobile phone, Bluetooth headset radiation is almost negligible meter can be assured.

Headset itself, worn on the body for a long time there is some damage. Earplugs can be cause of the external auditory canal slow xing stimulus, caused ear infections; headphones long time, the spirit will always be in a state of tension, is not conducive to health.

So should avoid long-term use of a headset, Bluetooth is no exception, such as the use of intermittent the xing and sound can not be too large to just hear like not many people listen to the noisy, as where can you buy 50 cent headphones will not hear and the volume up. Is recommended that where can you buy 50 cent headphones only wear one listening to headphones, listening for some time - for the other ear to listen to it will help reduce the impact of hearing.

earbud Metro family self-care tips.txt

Subway family self-care tips

Daily life, more subway station in the flow of people, is the most prone to the spread of germs. Therefore, the Subway family how to self-care from infection?

1, wearing masks - more prepared several alternate with

The subway is a good way to wear masks. General masks line can be made of cloth or disposable respirators. Wearing masks of the time is not too long, or a respiratory problem, such as face masks have been hot breath or saliva wet, the barrier effect will be greatly reduced. Usually best to prepare a few masks in order to replace the use of 2, sneezing - cover earbud mouth with earbud arm

U.S. doctors found that the traditional way to cover earbud mouth and nose when coughing or sneezing, by hand is not science. Because hand blocking droplets, the bacteria will spread to the hands, if their hands to touch the door handles, tables, chairs and other items, will spread the germs to another place. When coughing or sneezing, cover earbud mouth and nose with his elbow, can effectively block the spread of germs. The best method is to cover mouth and nose with a tissue or handkerchief when coughing or sneezing, picking headphones - the Prevention of Cruelty hearing is very important

Subway when it is best not to wear headphones. Because the subway running sound great, plus the surrounding noise. In such an environment, people will unwittingly increase the volume of the headset. Long high-volume listening to music is likely to affect earbud hearing. Especially earbudng people, children, ear bones unsound development easier affected, reading the newspaper - appropriate to divert attention

Dark outside the subway cars, unlike road transport can enjoy the scenery. Plus Exalted is more prone to anxiety. The experts suggest that subway passengers to learn to divert attention. In the subway, earbud can take a look at the book, read the newspaper, earbud can also take a look at the Metro TV. Through these activities to divert attention, earbud can resolve the anxiety, to maintain a good state of mind. Family doctors online

cheap street by 50 headphones Mobile World Congress five Aspect.txt

Five Aspect of Mobile World Congress

The four-day 2010 Mobile World Congress, Barcelona, ​​Spain, in the 18th ended the General Assembly in the exhibition and seminar is brilliant. To sum up, this session can be said that the five Aspect Aspect: Product novelty. The major manufacturers exhibited many novel mobile communication products, mobile phones, including solar phone, wireless charging cell phones, the phone has a small projector function; solutions for mobile communication and other industry cooperation, such as the establishment of a mobile network based on the financial services, education services, medical services, etc.; There are some other novel digital products, such as with the sensor electrode headset, audio playback can be controlled through the the ear signal changes in the eye movements, move the eye on can fast forward or rewind songs Aspect: influence. According to data provided by the conference organizers - Global System for Mobile Communications Association, 54 percent of the 50,000 participants were executives of various companies, including more than 2,800 CEOs. Participating companies covering the entire mobile communications industry chain, both Ericsson and Huawei equipment manufacturers, network operators such as Vodafone and China Unicom, Microsoft, Google, IBM and other industry giants have come to promote related businesses, and even reporters also see the main sports shoes and sportswear Puma by exhibition to launch their own brand mobile phone Aspect: to highlight the trend. Each years Mobile World Congress is the industry as a good opportunity to find industry trends. In the General Assembly this year, 24 of the worlds leading mobile communications operator, announced the establishment of a unified and open large-scale application of the Software Alliance, the Global System for Mobile Communications Association also spare no effort to support the next generation beyond 3G long-term evolution LTE technology for future software and hardware development specified road Aspect: Chinese forces. The eye-catching performance of Chinese enterprises in the Assembly, the executive vice president of China Unicom general manager Lu Yimin, and Huawei Guo Ping a keynote speech at the core of the venue; Huawei and ZTE were set up more than one booth, the venue can be seen everywhere carrying India kanji bag of foreign participants; Huawei also get a distribution platform of the Global Mobile Awards Best Technology Award in the category Best Award Aspect: Smart will do. Mobile Congress truly mobile communication technology applied to the organization of the General Assembly, designed specifically for participants of the Conference Guide can be downloaded to the phone and venue map to facilitate the people responsible for security in the exhibition mobile; venue door staff are holding special mobile equipment, it seems that resembles a normal cell phone, but it can identify Passes, light touch, cheap street by 50 headphones can display the card holders identity information organizers as the theme of the conference dream come true meaning is todays dream will become a reality tomorrow. Indeed, the vision, technology and products on display here on behalf of the industrys highest level, and I hope in the near future, they will walk into peoples daily lives.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

in ear earphones best IPhone5 headphones bars a thousand dollars the the end headphones EarPods comparative evaluation.txt

the iPhone5 headphones bars a thousand dollars of high-end headphones EarPods comparative evaluation

Preface: iPhone 5 latest EarPods headphones the Apple After three years spent a lot of thought into the design of headphones, known reference to the hundreds of people ear-shaped design, more bizarre shape, somewhat similar to the design of snout earplugs, but the overall shape favor of open earplugs. And comparable with the price of a thousand dollars of high-end headphones, today we took some comparison test equipment to EarPods Apple official propaganda says. The the headphones Apple After three years spent a lot of thought into the design of headphones, known reference to the hundreds of people ear-shaped design, shape more bizarre, somewhat similar to the design of snout earplugs, but the overall shape and in favor of open earplugs. And Apple official propaganda says can be comparable with the price of a thousand dollars of high-end headphones, Today we took some equipment on EarPods the comparison test Apple on the home page publicity EarPods mentioned and price thousand dollars of high-end headphones comparable our evaluation with the iPhone 5 comes the EarPods of The earplugs also presented a beautifully winding storage box, comes with headphones accessories to be regarded as conscience earplugs The shape is somewhat similar to the the snout earplugsve seen in the past, lets kind of earplugs called shallow Ear Bar. Earplugs structure has two advantages, both at the same time to ensure a certain degree of sound insulation, ensure comfort. EarPods due to spend a lot of effort design on the wear, wear feeling very good, not like some ear strong foreign body sensation Sony snout ed12

The earplugs medial opened two large holes addition opened a small hole in the front of the headset, and earplugs handle each not yet know whether these holes mixer role. Also because it opened more holes, and some even speculated that it is a multi-unit headset, but think about pricing also know impossible to know the Apple dual unit earplugs, but to more than six hundred block.

wireless headphones for television Into a CX500.txt

Into a CX500

Long ago into a CX500 storage system is known as work packages in bulk, when originally also buy play equipment installed B pot N hours, results of a Holy crap - this sound quality and I was listening to a friend the CX500 almost like At least I the fungus not hear -

And workmanship all through the article online Tell a tight - I instantly daisy the supercilious doubled - Holy crap, earn

| | | Sofa wireless headphones for television | | | how much money to buy ah? Taobao to buy it? | | | First shopkeeper articles Tell Fudge ~ ~! ! !

Mainly to see the workmanship to true or false to tell the truth to actually use it know to

As well as the landlord posts a lot of fun to saying their fungus to then say almost the same to very engaged to

Congratulations to work under package but still I had bought to the general only to

Good headphones with good audio ~ If the source was not what to listen out normal to

Also said this thing is good or bad depends on the the headphones emphasis and output devices to pretty mysterious sounds know ~

Read on the following diagram to feel not gnaw work to sound quality do not know | | | Is not it ~ ~ ~ ~ wireless headphones for television are not listening to what headphones are an effect? | | | Haha, because I never put pairs of headphones when genuine Kanma to hear this is almost the same effect, all of a sudden I felt must own ears friends ~ haha ​​| | | bought two authentic . . The MDR EX52 and K315, to feel more than that two. . . . | | | My bedroom buddies listen to ten dollars to spread the goods and to listen to the I AKG450 feel the same, he even feel stronger spread the goods bass, I suddenly silent /gt; Seen in this light, the fungus is more than happy ah? | | | You kind of headset I bought my first Sennheiser headphones work package cx500, sound quality rough listen, actual and genuine gap is large wireless headphones for television go to a real shop compare know

Later, Ill buy another Sennheiser genuine, do not want to buy this deceptive work package | | | | | | Id like to believe I was a super fungus -

Or buy genuine before I may have wasted == | | | l else wireless headphones for television router is false | | | work still gaps I have no meters to buy CX300399 block ~ ~ ~ | | | I think Sennheiser general! | | | LZ wireless headphones for television X goods but since wireless headphones for television do not care ah fungus | | | even feel touch with what. The sound quality is not good. . . . The joke ~ touch4.2.1 Memorandum

wifi headphones Internally and externally Lenovo the music PhoneA500 music function evaluation.txt

Internally and externally the Legend Music PhoneA500 music function evaluation

Music phone era may be over, but if the music capabilities into the intelligent system, it will also be a good choice. Legend Music Phone A500-called music intelligent machines we naturally sort of looking forward to. Today we come to look at Lenovo Music Phone A500 music special test positive appearance point of view go Lenovo Music Phone A500 and nothing special. Plus three Android function keys orthodox 3.5-inch capacitive screen design is very orthodox. Although the workmanship and materials are good, the component is also very full, but these and the music, what does it matter? We went down to see Lenovo Music Phone A500 facade

Yes, the mystery of this music intelligent machine hidden in the back. We learned that the Legend Music Phone A500 built in the upper part of the back of a shock to the subwoofer. Fingers tapping here can feel a deep sense of shock, which is rarely seen in the Android phone above. Here is a specific upgrade it in the loud speaker behind us again table vibration subwoofer

Another interesting design Lenovo Music Phone A500 the back of the lower part of the sound chamber. Lenovo called Cigang sound chamber, the actual music extroverted effect sound really shock people impressed with quite aesthetic horn

3.5mm headphone jack able to replace the headset user-friendly, at least from the the external design point of view, Lenovo Music Phone A500 is indeed worthy of the title of the musical intelligence machine.

stereo headphones Million the headphones not Suansha teach you how to build a HiFi system.txt

Ten thousand yuan the headphones not Suansha teach stereo headphones how to build a HiFi system

Zhongguancun online audio channel original from the entry-level rookie early to buy dozens of earplugs, and today has grown to become the enthusiasts, the users listening level in a general increase, we also found that the cheap headphones combination can not meet the growing number of enthusiasts, high-end HiFi headphones has entered into Volkswagen enthusiasts vision. However, the high-end HiFi does not like to buy a earbuds plugged into the phone so simple, but needs a strong team support - HiFi headset system. Its like we do have a strong horsepower engine, but in order to play the full strength of the engine, also need to drive, chassis and other synergy to complete HiFi headphones system played a logistical role. As we all know, tend to be relatively high, the impedance of the high-end HiFi headset and portable devices in general can not be a good high impedance device driver, but the high impedance bring high potential but so many users salivating HiFi headset system can effectively improve output power, and can sound style adjustments according to their own preferences, to achieve a multiplier effect, however, for many rookie enthusiast, the mention of the system will be some timid, on the one hand, the huge HiFi system structure allows us to touch unclear mind; addition HiFi system, the price is relatively high, and once a formation easily lead to pre-funding for naught.

street and sync by 50 Multiple choice to seek a living in the rice country analysis go to China to make money VS.txt

Multiple choice to go to China to make money VS demand analysis in the rice country life

I would like to ask, street and sync by 50 are not happy? I would like to ask, the more material can bring more happiness?

From a womans point of view, happiness is the happiness of a happy wife, children and family together and happy. You already have these, but if street and sync by 50 decide to return home. I will not speak business can not succeed in this process, it is necessary to encounter a lot of separation, a lot of pressure, a lot of misfortune. Husband to be entertaining, not time to go home with street and sync by 50 and street and sync by 50 child; the so simple husband, street and sync by 50 can guarantee that he will not change feasting entertainment? Environment in China, the Chinese man as street and sync by 50 husband how street and sync by 50 can do the unstained? Again, street and sync by 50 husband is in the entrepreneurial process, inevitably there is a lot of pressure, pressure, the mood temper will change when street and sync by 50 most have quarrels affect feelings;

Also, street and sync by 50 said so many life changes. Health care, education, the Chinese people in these areas is not protected. The kindergarten is more expensive than the university. And hook and account. Want to be prohibitively difficult now Chinas wealthy are busy emigrated into the public schools, street and sync by 50 also thinking back to why street and sync by 50 did not account? The Chinese people are holding the minimum wage, to buy the most expensive house and living items under maximum pressure, enjoying a minimum of social welfare. . Her husbands friends in the United States, he is a self-do not want to go to that kind of environment encouraged my husband to go /gt;

All they have to do is the Chinese market, the the rice country can not get Furthermore Chinese labor is relatively cheap ah, ten thousand dollars can be a good software designers can be two thousand dollars in the rice country can only find odd jobs in the supermarket staff . 8:00 ills watching street and sync by 50 nervous. Figure in China on a working stable, steady, dry to retirement, to get the pension, the Yi live out their natural lives is how many people dream saying can not be done in the rice country software development. That a friend in the country, Po dad in the rice country, street and sync by 50 can pass on ah.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

wireless sync by 50 Mom reporters squad children.txt

Mother reporters squad children

Shanghai, March 3, in the new electric pupils obviously recently that school lectures a bit difficult, the teacher said the knowledge points sounds always blurry. Mother felt slow to respond openly and loudly called the children will have a reaction. After interrogation, the doctors found that there was no unusual ear structure clearly asked in-depth about the truth finally surfaced. Original due to the learning needs, obviously a day to be wearing MP3 headphones to listen to the English. The passage of time, obviously in the school run road habits using a headset, not only to listen to the learning materials, and also listen to music and radio. The doctor told the mother to bring great damage, long time listening with headphones will give people, especially children, hearing damage will be permanent. In the subway or on the road, most peoples ears are plugged in headphones, or speak with a cell phone headset while walking computer, and some people even fall asleep did not win the headphones. Most people listen to headphones hearing damage has not got the idea. We put the headphones are generally good music or the radio, not the noise, many learning tools is also inseparable from the headset, as long as the volume is not to every too loud, should not impact on hearing.

Tao Zheng, MD, headphones on hearing is a chronic injury. The same decibel case, plug headphones to listen to music than through air conduction sound into the ear canal to the middle ear, the inner ear injury. The same time, in the general environment, the greater the background noise, people get used to the volume of the headset up such a high-intensity sound to enter the ear drum, also easy to damage the eardrum and the inner ear and cause noise-induced hearing loss in the long run. The United States as early as 1998 had a face the 6-19 age group survey, of which 15% had symptoms of hearing-impaired, have a great relationship with them long-term use of headphones.

Tao Zheng also pointed out that, in life and learning is indeed more dependent on headphones, use headphones to listen to music or learning materials is neither affect other people around, but also allows more focused. But parents must remind children time to pay attention to the use of headphones, general, each no more than half an hour, try using the earphones, rather than using a plug-in headset when using headphones environment should be quiet. In peacetime, to avoid noise exposure, especially prolonged noise exposure, such as Kara OK hall, disco loud place as little as possible. At present, China has a hearing disabilities 27,800,000 0 to 6-year-old hearing-impaired children of about 137,000 accounted for 84% of severe hearing impaired, the annual the newborn hearing children with disabilities 23,000 hearing impaired seriously affect their learning and life. Congenital hearing defects and genetic history of infection of the mother during pregnancy, drug history, perinatal hypoxic-ischemic history, however, we are more concerned about the hearing loss caused by acquired due to unhealthy living habits, and I hope wireless sync by 50 pay attention to this together to protect our ears.

sms 50 cents High quality magic sound headphones SensationXL low value.txt

The low value of the high quality magic sound headphones SensationXL

Home word-of-mouth word-of-mouth texture mapping News News Forum economic development of Chinas peaceful development Economic Forums interactive rights activist lighthouse Entertainment Entertainment Forum living life Forum City Forum Weekly the China Weekly | interactive thematic library REVIEW Guide Zhanwuzhanwu management

News textures Liang Ying stunning I love the texture dug Star the shot off photography Alliance Chinas image Photos Featured Forum Beijing Forum Forum Forum Chongqing Forum Forum Hebei, Tianjin, Inner Mongolia Forum Shanxi Forum Forum Liaoning Jilin Heilongjiang Forum Forum Jiangsu forums Zhejiang forums Anhui forums TRIBUNE Jiangxi Shandong forum Henan Forum Forum Hubei Hunan Forum Forum Guangdong Guangxi forums Hainan forums Sichuan forums Guizhou forums Yunnan forums Tibet Forum Forum Shaanxi, Gansu Forum Forum Qinghai, Ningxia Forum Xinjiang Forum Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Forum Endeavour the China Weekly livelihood observed Weekly the reputation China the weekly Hawkeye and realistic Weekly gossip life The Points Mall Join_Moderators Moderator Manual of weekly users activities weekly Good Recommended group with Integral Forum Amoy posts

sms audio by 50 cent Mixed-signal audio subsystem to achieve portable high performance audio.txt

Mixed-signal audio subsystem to achieve portable high performance audio

Feature phones, smart phones, PDAs and many other mobile phone derived products are being replaced by the status of many portable electronic devices. This functional integration in reducing the number of devices for consumers to carry to expand the systems audio requirements, and increase the burden of the designers to solve the audio problem with the audio needs increase, the system designer can select the use discrete audio function module method. However, in the mixed-signal system using this method is a multi-line operations. Format digital level will make the complexity of the exponential growth in the digital domain, providing a variety of sampling rates. In the analog domain, the signal offset at a different level standards, and requires both mixing and switching, amplification and attenuation, and easily picked up noise. In fact, the portable media device having 10 to 20 different audio signal path is very common. In this maze is a difficult task to find a road. Mixed-signal subsystems help solve such problems through the integration of a variety of active elements, the most notable feature of mixed-signal subsystems to many signal routing to multiple places. With the use of routing signals, the portable media device or mobile phone can perform many tasks. The example of the mixed signal of the audio subsystem shown in Figure 1 For example, consider a system with mobile phones and digital audio player function. From the mobile phone baseband pulse code modulation PCM digital signal needs to be connected to a digital-to-analog converter DAC, in turn connected to a headphone amplifier for headphone use. Same headphone amplifier is also applicable to a digital audio player, an I2S data stream, and then connected to the headphone playback through DAC. The mixed signal subsystem having a dual digital audio port can easily complete this task has multiplexing capabilities Another advantage of the mixed signal of the audio subsystem is capable of processing an analog FM radio signal. FM radio signal level is usually under control, but they are often out of spec. Beyond the specifications of the level is usually much larger than expected, this may cause damage to the speaker. Mixed-signal audio subsystem FM signal is digitized using DSP to provide automatic level control ALC and the equalizer, then converted back to an analog signal for amplification to the speakers or headphones. In addition, mixed signal subsystem can pass the digitized signal to the baseband processor for more DSP processing mixed signal subsystem can also be mixed in addition to the audio routing and processing of a plurality of audio streams. By mixing the signal from the microphone to the headphone, thereby generating the sound side. Similarly, sms audio by 50 cent can play while listening to music ringtones, without having to make the music mute. Mixed-signal audio subsystem has two digital audio ports can become a powerful tool for connecting digital audio system. E.g. I2S digital audio stream may be sent to the base band is converted to PCM concurrency. Alternatively, sms audio by 50 cent can use the same method to 48kHz I2S interface data stream is converted to 44.1kHz signal benefit from the application of a dual digital audio port and sample rate conversion is a Bluetooth bridge. Mixed-signal audio subsystem provides a bridge connection from a Bluetooth transceiver to the baseband. If necessary, sms audio by 50 cent can perform a sample rate conversion, and a digital equalizer. This connection example shown in Figure 2 by the mixed-signal audio subsystem connected to the Bluetooth transceiver allows many cases become possible. Bluetooth received audio signal can be sent to the speakers or headphones. FM radio signal is digitized and sent to the Bluetooth headset in mixed-signal subsystems. Baseband processor can be from flash memory digital audio sent through the mixed-signal subsystems to the headphone or amplifier, such as Bluetooth-enabled and can help to expand the port or headphone Class D speaker amplifier car stereo effect by virtue of its high efficiency is becoming a smart phone and multi-function mobile phone industry standard. The advantage of Class D amplifier output power. High output power Class D amplifier to the speaker of the phone reached loud and clear standards. In the larger area of ​​ambient noise such as railway stations and airports, it is often necessary to quickly distinguish ringtones feature phone or smartphone often used in the media resource sharing. For example, with a friend to share a song or share information with colleagues mixed-signal audio subsystem with high power Class D amplifier. For example, LM49352 is usually available the 4.2V signal 970mW pass 8Ω load, only 1% total harmonic distortion and noise THD N. Such superior output power to ensure that the higher volume level clearly deliver the message to a new application in the mobile phone functions mini projector. Mini projector in high output power standard, can be achieved with a group of people to share video. In addition to the the SMPS power output of the high-frequency noise outside, the phone itself would make use of the RF power amplifier PA power cycling. This PA cycle frequency in the audio band, usually 217Hz All these noise sources will reduce the quality of the audio of the mobile phone, and can sometimes be very serious. The most important characteristics of a mixed-signal audio subsystem has a high resistance to these noise. For example, the mixed-signal audio subsystem LM49350 headphone amplifier the PSRR test results show that the device PSRR at 217Hz to 95dB, high PSRR and maintain high audio quality of the higher frequency region has tremendous value system. The analog power mixed-signal audio subsystem can be connected directly to the battery, can be used to produce other digital core voltage from SMPS digital power. Mixed-signal audio subsystem itself can suppress noise, and therefore does not require additional low-dropout regulator LDO or passive filter to eliminate noise almost all portable media devices have common features stereo headphone connection. Generally use standard 3.5mm headphone connection jack, dedicated connector or mini USB interface deformation. In all these cases, the headphone impedance is usually about 32Ω. A charge pump to generate a negative voltage real ground headphone amplifier, simply 1V applied to 32Ω load, to provide 16mW power. For most users, 16mW very loud, so the actual voltage is much lower because the headphone amplifier is a class AB, so a separate and lower power supply voltage of the headphones need to have a significant power advantage. Ideal amplifier with a single-channel class AB output is displayed in Figure 3, the two curves. Simply reduce the the headphone power supply from 3.3V to 1.8V, sms audio by 50 cent can save 45% of energy consumption. Class D amplifier will save more energy in theory, but it requires bulky and expensive LC output filter. Moreover, the unknown length of the headset wire and the load impedance is also the design of the filter will become very difficult and high-performance data converter is a factor of the geometry processing technical level declining. Unfortunately, the phones baseband IC with advanced processing technology, can provide high performance in the smallest size and lowest power consumption levels. Although it to achieve these advantages, however, in the baseband in the DAC and ADC to maintain a high signal-to-noise ratio SNR becomes increasingly difficult phone multifunctional fusion exacerbate this performance degradation. If they are just used as a cell phone, there is not much of a problem. However, for many people, the phone is also their portable music player. This is the signal-to-noise ratio requirements especially when using high quality headphones, from the quality of telecommunications to high-fidelity One may raise the objection, that the SNR in excess of 90dB wasteful, but in fact this is not true. Indeed, the vast majority of audio portable media devices originated in CD quality 44.1kHz sampling, 16-bit resolution, and use the MP3 algorithm compressed to a lower resolution and fidelity. However, for normal hearing levels, most headphones about 2mW power having a sufficient sensitivity. The criteria set for SNR full load output of 40mW or higher, so the designer about 26dB SNR is removed by the digital-to-analog conversion of baseband Another advantage is lost only allows the DAC closer to the load. Compared with analog signals, digital signals have higher noise immunity.

Friday, December 21, 2012

50 headphones sms Introduction sound allergies cause tinnitus.txt

Introduced sound allergies cause tinnitus

Therefore, tinnitus and deafness, we must promptly to the hospital for an examination, in order to check whether sound allergies caused by 25-year-old Miss Zeng, had long-term wear headphones to listen to the experience of English. Then gradually found their ears started some small voice-sensitive, such as hear the dogs barking in the distance, pumping sound of paper towels, ear pain uncomfortable, like sharp things drive a drill. Then also occur very serious tinnitus symptoms. This is the typical sound allergies. However, because of the low awareness of the disease, many patients are tinnitus, deafness unbearable to come to the hospital attendances tinnitus how to alleviate it?

Reduce the use of headphones, and other songs when not spoken too loudly, 50 headphones sms should know how to protect 50 headphones sms hearing to work and rest, pay attention to adjust the pace of work, do not fatigue, especially the working pressure of the people, but also to learn self- adjusted appropriately relax 3, to ensure sleep, try not to stay up all night, every day before going to bed, available hot foot bath to soothe emotions, promote sleep. Insomnia can take some soothe the nerves of Chinese medicine, if necessary, under the guidance of a doctor, taking some sedatives to regulate mood, failing to know how to control their emotions, as little as possible to get angry, do not worry, suspicious. Symptoms of anxiety and depression, should be under the guidance of a doctor medication 5 to regulate the endocrine menopausal women intractable tinnitus, should go to the hospital, check endocrine indicators. If necessary, under the guidance of a doctor appropriate supplemental estrogen to relieve tinnitus symptoms above is sound allergies cause tinnitus introduction tinnitus makes people feel very irritable, affecting mood and work. If 50 headphones sms have found the symptoms of tinnitus, I hope 50 headphones sms can operate according to the reminder of this article, if 50 headphones sms have any questions, please consult our online experts, if 50 headphones sms would like to learn more about this aspect, 50 headphones sms can continue to browse our website, and hope to help 50 headphones sms bring the CDC Health Channel wish 50 headphones sms good health!

bluetooth wireless headset Inventory listening comprehension four reasons not to force.txt

Not to force four inventory listening comprehension

Speaking of four-six hearing, a lot of people will frown, although the hearing is CET score, but to win it is not so easy. Improve a hearing is not an overnight thing, many students are accustomed to the exam cramming, the natural effect is greatly reduced. Hearing, on the other hand, is a technology live, often can not grasp the knack of hearing, hearing the improper choice of materials, listen more difficult to raise. Xiaobian inventory of four listening comprehension exercises often occur in this, and hope that the majority of students to learn a lesson from the master seriously review. I wish bluetooth wireless headset all luck!

Some students hear every day called a Tianhundian, on which stood a hearing, walking listening to, eating and listening to sleep listening to, it seems very hard, but the results are not satisfactory. To improve hearing in a limited period of time, and more intensive listening less extensive listening better. Over 40 minutes of the hearing because the CET, bluetooth wireless headset need to focus on intensive listening and understand the contents of the selected answers in a limited time. Usually more accustomed to extensive listening students may be on the test, the more experience take God, the problem of lax attention. Recommend students every morning drawn a period of time can be 40 minutes to an hour, sit quietly and practice listening. Than a day with headphones, a dubious effect a lot of candidates reflects the usual practice listening when feeling okay, the examination can not write the correct answer, or the teacher taught all understand, do title but no start. In fact, this is the result of a fatal misunderstanding of the pro forma hearing, ear hands were moving. To know that an important aspect of the hearing examining the capacity of flash memory and shorthand, listen to want to ultimately end up the volume on the answer. This capability is mainly reflected in the ears to handwriting conversion process, how can bluetooth wireless headset just listen to see problems not write intermediate omitted such a big process, how can bluetooth wireless headset improve a forty-six hearing scores?

Forty-six hearing the candidate exam is very important to do title skills teacher taught just inspired only in hands-on exercises to slowly groping and accumulated more comprehensive language skills for reading and other types of questions, listening examine . Vocabulary spelling, pronunciation, grammar, and understanding of the material and memory capacity has to contain. Many students did not understand listen, do not understand listen, there will still be a lot of places do not understand the so-called big bang and then decline three and thrice confidence disproportionately hard hit. In fact, at this time should be stopped to look at their own do not understand what is the problem in which one out. For example, is not the pronunciation of the words, the tone of the sentence, or tonal weak reading plosive reasons affected? After defining the problem, targeted breakthrough. If it is on pronunciation and intonation problems, reading rather than spending time on the spelling, be sure to find out the real problem, some of the students should not fall into the error of treating the foot to pro forma forty-six hearing normal flying together music and movies , entertainment learn correct. Listen to English songs and movie dialogue is sure to help the improvement of hearing, but the process is too slow, especially forty-six. Many students to last only entertainment, because we are very wonderful tone of the songs and movies buckle plot to attract went, and forget the original intention of the practice listening, seen hundreds Department of English movies hearing certainly more than good. Songs and movies may appear the the many colloquial slang expression for forty-six help is not very big. It is recommended that students the first entertainment put off, a sense of doing something useful listening Finally, we hope the above content, we have to learn a lesson, do not let bluetooth wireless headsetself also follow in their footsteps, at the same time to find a suitable, rapid increase in hearing results. Finally, I wish bluetooth wireless headset all the CET time clearance!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

sync headphones review Music Pad million selling 3G tablet storm struck.txt

Music Pad million selling 3G tablet storm strikes

Since the association began to get involved in the flat areas, launch several tablet PCs have been favorable for the market. The music PadA1 more sales exceeded a million units. Outstanding sales performance thanks to Lenovos R D capabilities and the ability to sell. However, more important is the accurate understanding of the capacity of the market, an endless stream of the Tablet PC currently on the market, the flourishing of various brands. Lenovo rely not only need excellent quality products, at the same time must be very clear marketing objectives, Lenovo launched the Le Pad A2107 3G is that a grasp of user needs mentioned earlier, Legend Music Pad A1 sales exceeded a million units , but such brilliant results and do not represent the future, the Lenovo Group to accurately grasp the context of the market, the launch music Pad A2107 also has been favored by the market. This often features on the phone, but it is very rare to develop this dual card dual standby tablet Tablet PC Lenovo also found that, in addition to the market blank, dual sim dual standby this model is very suitable for Chinas national conditions in the tablet market dual card dual standby almost did not, therefore, Legend Music Pad A2107 is a champion. However, even in this form, Lenovo has also put forward the concept of one-stop shopping, the same price to send Gifts to allow more people to use the Pad A2107. On the website of the associations official website, Lynx, Jingdong, can through the bare metal or packages to buy it. Its bare metal prices, as low as 1499 yuan Not only that, Lenovo also offers four kinds of packages, the user only needs to take a stand-alone price before buying, sync headphones review can buy the package with a variety of practical accessories. The students enjoy music campus courses cost 1,739 yuan, but the price in addition to be able to get the film stent holster, Lenovo also directly presented in the package with a 3G card. Students only need to buy the package, will be able to immediately allow the tablet to access the Internet network, online movie microblogging function naturally longer words under 1729 yuan package prepared by the business elite gift brand Bluetooth headset for business people important. After all, the Tablet PC is not a phone, often holding call is always less respect, a Bluetooth headset blessing to Lok Pad A2107 as a true all-rounder interesting, Lenovo also take special care of the car owners. City navigate the family car in 1699 yuan package, is also equipped with a car charger and holder, convenient for vehicle owners. Travel Share Daren package is only 1779 yuan, with a large-capacity memory card and 3G card. This way, wherever sync headphones review are, can easily entertainment, both photographed hair microblogging or download music, very convenient new package to start selling, Lenovo did not forget that once supported the old Lenovo users, so this times a the A2107 user can get several good alternative compensation feedback. The user can choose 150 yuan a red envelope or shopping volume can also choose to directly receive from a renowned Bluetooth headset flat brand Jabra BT2045 Bluetooth headset worth 159 yuan. Lenovo contents of the old user feedback is the real deal or shopping volume does not match the real product, not some vendor shopping traps or price. From this perspective, Lenovo really rather kind, reflecting the care of people from the strategic point of view of Lenovos pricing and packages, this association is real choice to the consumer, if sync headphones review want as cheap as possible, and For consumers already Accessories, sync headphones review can choose the bare metal of 1499 yuan. If there is a certain professional requirements, the election more cost effective package. For folks who can get actual feedback to the Lenovo 4 packages to major shopping site to buy, the user is not necessarily going to the store to enjoy preferential packages bring, we can say quite convenient. Meanwhile, Lenovos excellent after-sales service network users can enjoy anytime, anywhere good protection after purchase. I believe that this package deals allow the Lok Pad family millions of sales to a higher level, consumers can buy the products they need in a more favorable price. Science fiction the galaxy / text

new wireless headphones Logitech UE900vi soundproof headphones.txt

Logitech UE900vi Sound Isolating Earphones

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Sub-station: Shanghai, Fujian, Shandong, Wuhan, Zhengzhou, Nanjing, Chongqing, Yunnan and Hunan, Hangzhou, Xian northeast Jiangxi, Guangdong and Guizhou, Shenzhen, Chengdu, Xinjiang

If we say that the The Logitech UE previous focus on customized, professional monitoring headphones product development. Well, today Logitech UE headphones have sights on the general public, so that more people feel professional reprise of the original experience the wonderful feeling of ultimate hearing. Moving iron unit in a two-channel patented technology to ensure that the audio separation, sound quality structured. When new wireless headphones listen to the the dynamic music melody, pleased when intoxicated, new wireless headphones will be surprised The headset actually showed extreme sound so shocking to The Logitech UE series has been the pursuit of technology and quality, excellence around the ear, adjustable soft rubber line design, plus 8 unique design earplugs, another major highlight of UE900vi. While it can perfect fit the ear canal, enjoy absolute comfort and noise reduction experience, new wireless headphones can wear a long time and still feel comfortable. Also needs to be emphasized is that the Logitech UE900vi soundproof headset wire microphone can people enjoy clearer call experience, the full range of directional noise canceling microphone and voice access the call / end key and are free to switch to music mode and talk mode addition Logitech UE also specifically designed for 900vi iPhone line calls and volume operations can be achieved, of course, it also supports the newly listed iPhone5 Apple users to enjoy fully meet the needs of the high-quality music. This soundproof headphones cable technology is compatible with a variety of brands and models of smart phones, tablet PCs and notebook computers. Precision technology and unique fit accessories, high quality and excellent performance, with a rich and diverse designs, music headset market set off a frenzy! It is reported, this specialty headphone market suggested retail price of about 2,999 yuan, so stay tuned .

50 sms plus Minimalist aesthetic of the original Road N12 Tablet PC illustrated tour.txt

Minimalist aesthetic of the original Road N12 Tablet PC illustrated tour

After a day of vacation Xiaobian today came to the office a very nice packaging machine on Xiaobians desk. Can not think of a day off on to a new machine, but also not to mention very pretty packaging machine. Packaging not clearly marked instructions above, so small on the first to guess Which sent the machine. See artistic fonts and simple style of the machine above the gray background and white design style! Xiaobian mind, think of one - the original Road! Original really original channel machine, watching the WordArt 2 so small 50 sms plus know this is the original tract latest 7 inch tablet - the original Road N12 original Road N12 packaging

The packaging of the original tract has been small like, I think the original tract a designers understand art. The font on the box of the overall package for the WordArt exaggerated type of long-term use of the letter N in N12 in the tail with a thin line marked 1, the words, the number 2 is the only yo orange WordArt feel very fresh and original Road N12 packaging details

Duplex white area shows the original Road N12 hardware information in the front of the packaging, this design have reflected the original tract up early products, delicate and practical design style also looks pleasing original Road N12 packaging family portrait

Open the outside layer of packaging, we can see the original Road N12 internal packaging is very simple, and within just a N12 products to protect white film. The whole packaging looks small and exquisite packaging within the original Road N12

Open the inner packaging we can see that the first layer lying below accessories of the machines, because of the size of the box, so the power adapter is not selected as the standard. Road to configure accessories in original USB cable, headphone cable, manual and warranty card.

do they make wireless earbuds Multi-TCM treatment apparatus appeared Compro will wear headphones acupuncture.txt

Multi-TCM treatment apparatus appeared Compro will wear headphones acupuncture

Exhibition Hall in health products and services, Harmony treatment has attracted the attention of many visitors. Peking Universitys China Center for China Studies expert in the study of the Book of Changes and other ancient texts found a harmonious and symmetrical sixty-four Hop table , and found that this mathematical structure can produce energy self-organizing effect, the formation of Physics in the field synergy phenomenon. Xiyuan Hospital, China Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine such physical effects used in human health care, and found it in improving the quality of human blood, promote blood circulation, improve cell viability have a certain effect. At the site of the exhibition, many people sitting next to therapeutic apparatus, experience whether it works known as Acupuncture headphones headset holographic self-treatment device, also attract a lot of people sit down to experience. This instrument looks like a headphone, the parts in contact with the ear of many various colors of the needle. Inventor Professor Yu Chunquan told reporters, according to Chinese meridian theory, the ear is a hologram of the human body, the various points corresponds to an organ of the human body, so various points on the ear to stimulate the needle will be able to play the effect of health care. Reporter saw the visitors wear headphones, eyes closed state in the experience of those who think wearing a very comfortable, because the instrument is not powered on without magnetic hurt and similar to acupuncture headphones, foot hole illustration The socks health principle TCM holographic theory. I saw this sock printed with the names of various organs of the human body, means plantar various points corresponding to the different organs. The put foot hole diagrams socks, with bird-shaped palpation stick to the various points of the feet massage. Users want to prevent diseases in which organ on what do they make wireless earbuds want massage, scraping the corresponding points on the foot push to achieve the effect of treating disease.

headphones sale Long-haired teen idol infested Note.txt

Long-haired teen idol infested Note

Urban legends Story Urban Legend Story Hikiko - 2007, regarded as a very special film, Japanese anime no shortage of strange talk about categories of works, but a 3D animation rare. This 2007 3D animation OVA Duration 41 minutes, by Qizhi quit St. screenwriter and director, based on the Japanese urban legends specialized hunting pupils the women blame Hina ki ko Hikiko,. To legend this ひ ki ko, hideous hair, ragged, hobbled often come and go on a rainy day, met the primary school students will be fierce Daihatsu slaughter ... Hina ki こ In addition with Sadako The Ring, gamma coconut sisters in The Grudge and to go to a beauty shop hair done nursing, life experience the same ups and downs miserable experience domestic violence in childhood, she not only classmates bullied at school, and ultimately lead to grudges into the magic. In addition to the the Qizhi ring St. this cartoon, her story has also been adapted as a live action movie real day true ひ ki ko san.

Story of the urban legends about the the actor Sawamura Cong back to childhood old home, reminiscent of a bizarre incident in the third grade, 15 years ago. Was third grade Cong home pathway flyover, witnessed long hair and a strange woman is a corpse before dragging the underpass. The same day, next door moved to the new neighbors, and their daughter Princess yarn transfer the child to attend the small Congs class, bullying classmates soon became the object. But shortly bully missing two of her classmates, the class teacher killed. 15 years later, Satoshi Sawamura students at the meeting with Princess yarn sub reunion had just stunned to learn that the truth of the story. Director in the final play a trap, the narrative point of view is quite reasonable, but also so that this would have a very thin story to increase somewhat interesting.

Cartoons to express the horror theme, is usually considered to be a thankless thing, because the cartoon by the limitations of the forms of expression, can make up to a strange effect, it is difficult to render an atmosphere of terror. Horror was frightening, is projected onto the audience encounter the role himself empathy, animation is difficult to do this live action movie only need to find a long-haired sister casually covered my hair to the front The whole face, draped a curtain it coming, and then open the light green light, and immediately be able to scare people a shiver. Of course, computer games like Resident Evil is scary, but that is mainly because of the presence of the interaction between the game and the players. Nevertheless, there is still the cartoon can construct an atmosphere of terror, be regarded as a Sen Tian Xiuping hide and seek, this urban legend Story can be considered one.

Relative to refined bizarre hide and seek, Story of the urban legends on the screen lowfi much, 3d character low modulus and figures limb rigidity, slow movements, dull expression, regardless of the children and adults, all look like with the zombies s. Interestingly, the movie pair unpleasant but very bad appearance to fit the repressed atmosphere of the Japanese horror film, do not know is intentional or unintentional planted willow. The film most horror paragraph teachers elevator killed that period, although the scare tactics are not new, only count on the tried and tested horror film fans, a piece of cake, but also enough to deal with a headphones salenger target audience of animation a. Story of the urban legends composite score may not be too high, but at least the theme try with sensory stimulation or worthy of praise about.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

shure headphones IOC banned athletes wearing the magic sound headphones non-sponsors can not be unveiled.txt

IOC prohibit athletes wearing the magic sound headphones non-sponsors can not be unveiled

gt;gt;gt; Click to enter the 2012 London Olympics topics

Athletes today is no longer the appearance of a bygone era: static hairstyle, racing suit uniform, thank consistent thanks to the action as well as standard smile. Olympic Games, many athletes are 80, or even 90. In these shure headphonesnger generations eyes Olympics to showcase their talent stage. The same time, this stage is also to some extent to show their personality and appearance of magic sound Monster is a favorite of many athletes before the game. Before the game, listen to music to relax their emotions, no doubt is a very good choice. Including many NBA players, swimmers, and in love with a variety of styles of magic sound headset comes into play. However, according to the latest news, in accordance with the provisions of the International Olympic Committee, during the Olympic Games all participants including athletes, coaches and officials must not show any unauthorized non-Olympic sponsors, BOCOG has recently wearing magic warning sound athletes, athletes may be temporarily to bid farewell to this music they put it down tools also questioned by the media, since the magic sound does not belong to the Olympic sponsors, the well-known brands, including Apple, Nike does not belong to the same areas of the Olympic sponsors, it should be banned? Earlier, when the forefront of McDonalds request to prohibit other food stores within the Olympic venues available separately fries, attracted enormous controversy. Finally, the mediation of the London Organising Committee for the Games of the XXIX Olympiad BOCOG, the final choice of a compromise solution. Namely: In addition to the sale of fish and chips shop, and the remaining food stores may not be sold separately fries.

Monday, December 17, 2012

wireless headphone set Inter crush the Serie A champions Juventus 49 games unbeaten suspense resurrection original.txt

Inter crush the Serie A champions Juventus 49 games unbeaten suspense resurrection original

Times News last round of league Harding Park, the Italian media began to campaign for the national derby, in their view, if even Inter are unstoppable Juve, then who do not know, the Bianconeris unbeaten league record will be extended long a dominant league tends to make people lose interest. Carries the task of blocking Juve, despite the lightning conceded the opening 18 seconds, but Inters subsequent performance as their team song like crazy, reversed opponents with three goals away. Juve across three season record of 49 games unbeaten so end. Manchester Rama Johnnys team seems to tell the world that, after years of silence since the Triple Crown Inter back Serie A title suspense back!

No tentative game straight into the theme, opening more than 18 seconds, Juve Lightning goals we have obtained, at a time when many fans still looking for seats. However, the fastest goal of the Serie A this season, was controversial from the slow motion replay, Juve players already offside. The ball offside two meters! The Cagliari striker Pinilla was on Twitter Ming Buping, Manchester Rama Johnny angered front of the referee, he cried out: ridiculous! Race After the worlds best news came, Sky TV reporter in the sidelines of the Pavon pedicle disclosure linesman through headphones and inform referee Thalia Vento said Juve players offside, but the referee said no.

In addition to the opening scene, 利希施泰纳飞铲 Palacio escaped a second yellow card after the game has also been filed Moratti bluntly: The referee favoritism for Juve is an old problem. Lose a lot But it also more gold, Milito scored twice, the first time to face Juventus scoring Palacio 89th minute goal to seal the victory, the end of the league seven years away help Inter Inter victory numerous Juve embarrassment.

make wireless headphones Modern disease you do not know headphone ear.txt

You do not know the modern disease of headphones ear

Prolonged wearing headphones cause hearing loss, tinnitus, ear pain, dizziness, headache and other symptoms, experts aptly called - the headphone ear urban people, the time spent on the road longer than that, walk, ride wear headphones to listen to music, play games to become a major pastime. However, behind this beautiful melody, but the hidden killers wearing headphones, ear almost in occlusion. The headphone volume use headphones in a noisy environment under the bus, noisy street, often will tune very big. High volume audio sound pressure directly into the ear, concentrate delivered to the eardrum on thin plus on earphones diaphragm eardrum very close between small and focused acoustic propagation range, the stimulation of the the eardrum auditory nerve large. Continued under the more than 80 decibels of noise, memory loss, cognitive decline, while induced hearing loss. Especially among make wireless headphonesng people, the auditory organ has not yet mature, headphones hurt them more obvious. Long-term use headphones to listen to music and play games of children, not only will the hearing loss may appear irritability, memory loss, inability to concentrate, prevention and control of Collection: headphone volume small

When using headphones, the volume control is best when songs can hear people talking is appropriate, in order to avoid over-stimulation of the ear. And continuous use of time must not be too long, every half an hour listening to a rest, it is best to be able to take off the headphones. Young people the best without headphones, if make wireless headphones must use the best choice of regular manufacturers Housing headphones, headphones sound quality is relatively good hearing damage is always unconsciously, a lot of people are hearing declined very the hospital until a delay optimal duration of treatment. Young children do not speak, when they often turned a deaf ear, difficulty concentrating, react slowly, parents should be careful, it is best to bring the child to the hospital to be hearing screening and early detection.

street by 50 earbuds review Her mother scolded my husbands idea that nozzle.txt

Mother-in-law husband scolded me idea that nozzle

My family Xiao Zhao Zhao is May 8 pre-production period, after eight days to go to the hospital investigation body, said that is the amniotic fluid index to 6, sheep 5 water less doctors recommend caesarean section, home and mother-in-law husband, after discussions, at first her mother does not agree, the non- that the child born of his own choosing, such sectional or providence. Adhere to the sectional, not let on May 16 said, and so take a look tomorrow, the next morning, according to the doctor more than seven to the hospital, then to pay the hospital deposit, the 8:00 point into the operating room, 8:00 to the last 45, Xiao Zhao Zhao was born, all safe. Difficult to stay in the hospital for five days, the sixth day of hospital discharge. During hospitalization, the mother-in-law in charge of cooking meals delivery, everything was fine. Her husband every day to accompany the bed. Began two days because I caesarean section the stuck catheter and analgesic stick, street by 50 earbuds review can not get up, wash diapers all the husband is responsible for the third day I was able to activities, busy with him. Sleep at night time. Her husband began to sleep with headphones. Until fifth day night. I get up at three oclock in the morning more than give the child changing diapers, feeding, unaware of her husband. I can understand, he is indeed running around in the starched diapers tired. In this way, the sixth day morning and discharged all well. Came back, her husband is a slur on the child at midnight the hungry cried affect his sleep on directly to her mother slept inside the house. I own one tends the children. I Caesarean weak fly from sweating, low-grade fever of 37.5 degrees. Eighth day at noon when I head one night get the child to sleep all night, the morning just to get that done children, tired of just confused, my mother-in-law let me to dinner, I said, Mom, wait for a while I eat it. The then twelve ten, my husband came back, my mother-in-law told my husband that I do not eat. My husband is a tired, over reprimanded blame me. That I do not how how to eat. I was tired of it, which is also the husband does not make sense reprimanded a lot more wronged, the key is to my husband called me **. I really pique did not eat, so my mother-in-law and her husband did not call me a dinner and told me to come back at night for dinner I also did not directly later in the morning and at noon the ninth day is not called, even the rationale ignored me. Would not look at me. In the evening, my husband came home from work, my mother-in-law provoke at me angry, over exaggeration of my mother-in-law, came just shout my neuropathy. With my husband says, leave a mind of street by 50 earbuds review own, a good pondering how to make a spectrum, do not let people give scourge the meaning behind it is to sow discord between my husband and I divorced. My mother-in-law likes to spit dirty, also said Mamalielie the operating some of his mother. I remember I just pregnant less than three months, when it is the reaction powerful, my mother-in-law morning without cooking, early in the morning the morning and went below to dry the chicken feed, and I did not know, then we go to work the next floor when I saw it, I felt particularly angry because the morning my reaction is powerful threw bloodshot after noon I came back and she was trouble the conflict, she began to curse, speaks some of street by 50 earbuds review mother, powerful dead , I guess I have to give my son Zhao Xifu. Not pregnant I also cure street by 50 earbuds review. Said bluntly. Over my husband pulled me back into the room, just shut the bedroom door, she came over Zamen, let me go home. Although my mother-in-law is doing this to me, but I was very good to her, her husband, I live, I do not have openings to be the cost of living and so my mother-in-law, to take the initiative to give her, each a minimum of five hundred, fifteen hundred a month less fifteen hundred, as many as two or three thousand. Mothers Day, I think she has been to wait on me during my pregnancy, I bought a pair of gold earrings to her. She is also very pleased that last night on a crazy back to me. Alas, my month doing great anguish that my family Xiao Zhao Zhao is the expected date of May 8, eight days to go to the hospital examination, said that the amniotic fluid index 6, the sheep 5 water less, doctors recommend Caesarean home discuss and mother-in-law husband, at first mother-in-law do not agree with, non child what time of birth of his own choosing, such sectional or providence. Adhere to the sectional, not let on May 16 said, and so take a look tomorrow, the next morning, according to the doctor more than seven to the hospital, then to pay the hospital deposit, the 8:00 point into the operating room, 8:00 to the last 45, Xiao Zhao Zhao was born, all safe. Difficult to stay in the hospital for five days, the sixth day of hospital discharge. During hospitalization, the mother-in-law in charge of cooking meals delivery, everything was fine. Her husband every day to accompany the bed. Began two days because I caesarean section the stuck catheter and analgesic stick, street by 50 earbuds review can not get up, wash diapers all the husband is responsible for the third day I was able to activities, busy with him. Sleep at night time. Her husband began to sleep with headphones. Until fifth day night. I get up at three oclock in the morning more than give the child changing diapers, feeding, unaware of her husband. I can understand, he is indeed running around in the starched diapers tired. In this way, the sixth day morning discharged, well everything. Came back, her husband is a slur on the child at midnight the hungry cried affect his sleep on directly to the mother house to sleep. Commence the remaining text gt;gt;

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are wireless headphones any good Metro family to lose these bad habits.txt

Subway family to lose these bad habits

The subway station is a large flow of people, is also the easiest and most rapid virus spread of germs. Therefore, in the subway family to learn to self-protection to avoid infected, then the the metro family in the subway, how the Self or to prevent bacteria from others infection?

The subway is a good way to wear masks. General masks line can be made of cloth or disposable respirators. Wearing masks of the time is not too long, or a respiratory problem, such as face masks have been hot breath or saliva wet, the barrier effect will be greatly reduced. Usually best to prepare a few masks in order to replace the use of U.S. doctors found that the traditional way to cover are wireless headphones any good mouth and nose when coughing or sneezing, by hand is not science. because hand blocking droplets, the bacteria will spread to the hands, if the hand to touch the door handle, tables and chairs and other items, will spread the germs to another place when coughing or sneezing, cover are wireless headphones any good mouth and nose with his elbow, can effectively block the spread of germs, the best method is coughing or sneezing. subway, cover are wireless headphones any good mouth and nose with a tissue or handkerchief when is best not to wear headphones in this environment because the subway running loud, plus the surrounding noise., people will unwittingly increase the headset the volume for a long time at high volume listening to music is likely to affect hearing. especially are wireless headphones any goodng people, children, ear bone development is not perfect, are more vulnerable to the impact of the subway cars outside the dark, unlike road transport can enjoy the scenery. coupled Exalted is more prone to anxiety. experts suggest, subway passengers to learn to divert attention in the subway, are wireless headphones any good can take a look at the book, read the newspaper, are wireless headphones any good can also take a look at the Metro TV. these activities to divert attention can resolve anxiety emotions, maintain a good state of mind.

good cheap earphones Music taste headphones portrait gift.txt

The music taste headphones portrait gift

Dragon Boat Festival, Childrens Day coming up, many of my friends will choose small in the three-day holiday shopping, and the way to buy some holiday gifts for their friends or children, to recommend several super cost-effective features headphone here, ladies and gentlemen You can consider buying hundred headset, thousands of quality! Popular champion! - Music taste MH03

With superior sound quality as well as careful durable design, the domestic new brand headphones music taste MH03 has been recognized by consumers, is the exclusive worldwide commitment to 2-year limited warranty service has been a major college students of all ages. Become a popular cost-effective headset students to choose!

Music taste MH03

The music taste MH03 use environmentally friendly packaging design, purchase can audition satisfaction and then. Fashion and athletic exterior design no lack of fashion sense, add sound control functionality, the volume size blossoms control more than 80% of the headphones plug is damaged not normally use the music taste headphones used double injection patented technology to plug the double protection, the first solid welding wire with pin, hard injection for the first time to form a solid protection of wire and pin joints, enhance the tensile strength of the headphones pin, and then again to selection of soft high elastic TPE material secondary soft plastic injection, effectively alleviate headphone cable with pins are bent by the force. Special process designed to make the the music taste headset greatly extended service life than similar headphones. Wire antifreeze line with EU environmental standards TPE high elastic, stretch resistance, low temperature, does not contain harmful substances. Cold and soft wire, the use of low-temperature environment in the northern winter remained flexible, feel comfortable, and easy to tie. The sake of good cheap earphones health, we recommend that good cheap earphones use does not contain of 6P harmful substances TPE high elasticity antifreeze wire. Traditional brand headphone wire inner core typically contains about 8 electrolytic copper wire, the the music taste headset wire within a single branch has 20 high-quality crystal oxygen-free copper wire, copper wire, the number is 2.5 times that of traditional headphones to ensure sound quality transfer wire durability and join 500D bulletproof silk increased wire the tensile capacity music taste headphones MH03 price positioning in the hundred, Qian Yuanji international upscale brand headphones have been selected for use in the materials used, reflecting the high cost of domestic boutique. More frequent student friends use headphones, the sound quality and cost-effective demand high prices, MH03 is a good choose music taste comfort children English king headphones - music taste MS03

The upcoming annual Childrens Day, select holiday gifts for the kids but also become a hot topic, here is a build for the kids introduce the English king headset earbuds part contrast

Now the children from the first grade began learning English, only in order to cultivate their interest in learning English is to read more and listen more, so the headset is still their essential learning tools. But ordinary headphones ear shell is made in accordance with the proportion of adults, about 17 mm in diameter, the childs body has not developed, children wear ear will feel pain, we all know clothes, childrens clothing and adult loaded, so the headphones do? Music taste this designed for children to create a small and cozy English king headset. Music taste to create an exclusive nationwide childrens version of the English king comfortable headphones, ear shell diameter less than 15 mm and in the outer layer of soft pouches. Allows more comfortable to wear, so that the childs ears comfortably listen to English. The back of the ear shell design metal mesh sound hole, effectively ensure clear English pronunciation. The headset also a third-generation patented technology, provide 2-year limited warranty long after-sales service, a compact and lightweight design makes it easier to carry.

wireless headset for tv IPhone5.txt

iPhone5 come

iPhone, 4S to be placed in the most visible position, the other HTC, ONE, the Samsung Galaxy, Sony Xperia and Nokia Lumia series and grade the lowest mobile phone are more than 2,000 yuan. This year, on the same street, all of a sudden appeared several flagship iPhone store, this is more or less dilute his business early in the morning, the Emirates let folks to print the latest Flyer, and the LED on the door as early as on commissioning him pull down the gates began to roll on top of a typesetting:

Emirates from 2010 runs a mobile phone shop in Wenchang. Different to other stores, he sold all the high-end mobile phones. iPhone 4S is placed in the most visible position, there are other

Emirates in Huaqiang North ran non-stop for a week, barely linked to several old channels, the price is too high, the beginning of a block turned out to be more than nine thousand, even so, still can not get the goods.

Back in Wenchang, Emirates began to prepare for the Eleventh

Although his shop is the first local brand, but he was a little worried. Since the beginning of this year, on the same street, all of a sudden appeared several flagship iPhone store, which more or less watered down his business. Although our service is better, but if someone else could get the arrival, that we can still compete with people the day before the advertised Emirates has a shop started selling the iPhone 5, which makes him somewhat passive, overnight convened a staff meeting, originally wanted a few days delay poster design also had to stay up all night to complete such busy Emirates are not expected. Shop at the beginning, he could not imagine the level of consumption in Wenchang can accept easily four or five thousand iPhone. I just put it as a gimmick, and did not regard it as a tool to make money. Even in the middle of last year, the largest share of store sales still a cottage or inexpensive domestic brands, all of a sudden, sales up , especially the iPhone 4S, I earn a lot of money. Emirates smiled. In the second half of last year, he began to try to more high-end machines placed on the shelf, and gradually phase out the low-end machine out. Im such a mode in Wenchang definitely not mainstream, many mobile phone stores still dependent on the amount of survival.

However, this is a clear signal, Wenchang phone sales is forming its level, which is related to the overall economic condition. Wenchang not long ago that custom machine operators Wenchang overwhelmingly dominant. Emirates said October Golden Week, the last half of the Emirates store iPhone 5 is priced at 6,999 yuan, but still sold dozen. Now just bit cards, real sales season prices fall down. Emirates said the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S because of the price cuts of more than 500 yuan, the sales would be more prosperous.

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Saturday, December 15, 2012

cheap earbuds Introduction and classification of headphones.txt

Introduction and classification of headphones

The headphones is personal stereo professional audio, its choice is natural is a personal problem, any one persons experience is can not push and and wide. The use of headphones, the time and place of the use of headphones, their likes and dislikes, headphones sound quality is choose a headset to consider when the headset is classified according to the transducer, mainly moving coil, moving iron way, static electricity type and magnetic type. Separate from the structure way classification, can be divided into semi-open and closed. Earbuds, ear loops and a headband headset classification articles from wearing formal classification

The headset is according to their drive transducer type and its wearing way classification. Dynamic headphones are the most common, and the most common headset, is a drive unit is essentially a small moving coil loudspeaker computer recycling, by a voice coil drive in the permanent magnetic field in the associated diaphragm vibration. Moving coil earphone efficiency is relatively high, mostly for stereo headphone output drive, reliable and durable. Other magnetic headset drive similar to the narrow flat speaker, it plane of the voice coil embedded in a thin diaphragm, like printed circuit boards, can make the drive force evenly distributed. The magnet is concentrated on one or both sides of the diaphragm push-pull the diaphragm vibrating in the magnetic field formed. Other magnet headphone diaphragm electrostatic headphones diaphragm as light, but there are also big vibration area and similar sound quality, it is better than moving coil headphones, high efficiency, easy to drive. Electrostatic headphones are light and thin diaphragm, by a high DC voltage polarization, the polarization of the power required by the AC conversion, and also has a battery power supply. Diaphragm suspended in the electrostatic field formed by the two stationary metal plate stator, and when the audio signal is loaded into the stator, the electrostatic field changes, the driver diaphragm vibration. Single stator is also can drive the diaphragm, but double the stator the push-pull form of distortion smaller. The electrostatic headphone must use a special amplifier to the audio signal is converted to a voltage signal of several hundred volts, with a transformer connected to the output terminal of the power amplifier can also drive electrostatic headphones. Electrostatic headphones are expensive and difficult to drive, sound pressure level can reach no large moving coil headphone, but its fast response, capable of playing all kinds of tiny details, very low distortion. Electret headphones also called fixed electrostatic headphones, its diaphragm itself is polarized, or by the diaphragm outside Polarization substances emission electrostatic field polarization, does not require specialized equipment to provide polarization voltage. Electret headphones with electrostatic headphones most of the features, but electret will gradually depolarization, need to be replaced, its life of about 5-10 years of wireless and cordless headset

They are composed of two parts, the signal transmitter and the headset with a signal-receiving and amplifying means typically a moving coil type. Emitter and is connected to the signal source, can also be before the transmitter access to the front stage or headphone amplifier to improve sound quality and adjust the tone wireless headset generally refers to infrared signal transmission headphone system, a cordless headset is refers to the radio wave transmission signal headset systems. Operating frequency of infrared headphones from a few KHz to several MHz, the effective distance of about 10 meters, headphone in visual range; radio headset working frequency of the VHF 130MHz-200 MHz, UHF 450 MHz-900MHz, most cordless headphones work in UHF may be the transmission range of up to 100 meters, cheap earbuds can bypass the obstacles. Two or more Vice wireless / cordless headphones may interfere with each other, so choose them the best choice when multiple frequency varieties for cordless headphones, working in UHF than in the interference on VHF may be small. Both headphones have background noise, the more high-end models have adopted the technology to reduce noise. Also note that the use of wireless / cordless headset battery time, generally should not be less than eight hours.

in ear monitor systeem Multifunction stylish headset Logitech the UE3600 comprehensive evaluation.txt

The the multifunctional fashion headset Logitech UE3600 comprehensive evaluation

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Sub-station: Shanghai, Fujian, Shandong, Wuhan, Zhengzhou, Nanjing, Chongqing, Yunnan and Hunan, Hangzhou, Xian northeast Jiangxi, Guangdong and Guizhou, Shenzhen, Chengdu, Xinjiang

Headset products, whether it is as a computer peripheral or as a mobile companion, albeit not a necessity but also the main force. Since 2008 Logitech acquired UE, brought a new impact to the market, Logitech has introduced a lot of UE-series products, the majority of the audio hobby car big ears. Bear evaluation room recently received a product - Logitech UE3600, which is a combination of a headphone microphone, suitable for smart phones, Tablet PC and laptop products.

cheap head phones Long-term use Bluetooth headset harmful..txt

Harmful long-term use Bluetooth headset

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From the angle of radiation, the radiation of the Bluetooth headset only 1/800 of the cell phone, the radiation is even lower than the wired headset. Radiation, the Bluetooth headset is safe to speak from the perspective of headphones, long-term wear headphones, the excessive volume be human ear hearing damage, of course, not a long, loud using headphones but Bluetooth headset The volume is adjustable, it is generally transferred can use the volume cheap head phones can hear the sound of her voice, do not have to use too much volume followed by general calls and listen to music using a Bluetooth headset for both purposes. The hearing did not affect the key issues that people listen to music with headphones, this population is prolonged, continuous use headphones to listen to, and individuals like oversized volume play, this would certainly damage the hearing. Outdoor mobile conditions, there is nothing better to enjoy the music. Many years listening to music with headphones, integrated Bluetooth headset as long as the volume control in the appropriate range of hearing damage is very small so everyone personal experience to outdoor listening to music distress listen to good music, Bluetooth a2dp protocol a2dp full name is advenced audio distribution profile Bluetooth audio transmission model agreements. a2dp provisions Bluetooth asynchronous transmission channel transmit high-quality music files data protocol stack software and use, based on the agreement will be able to through Bluetooth transfer high quality music. This technology can use a stereo Bluetooth headset to listen to music in cheap head phones phone. Radiation, the Bluetooth headset is safe to speak from the perspective of headphones, long-term wear headphones, the excessive volume be human ear hearing damage, of course, not a long, loud using headphones but Bluetooth headset The volume is adjustable, it is generally transferred can use the volume cheap head phones can hear the sound of her voice, do not have to use too much volume followed by general calls and listen to music using a Bluetooth headset for both purposes. The hearing did not affect the key issues that people listen to music with headphones, this population is prolonged, continuous use headphones to listen to, and individuals like oversized volume play, this would certainly damage the hearing. Outdoor mobile conditions, there is nothing better to enjoy the music. Many years listening to music with headphones, integrated Bluetooth headset as long as the volume control in the appropriate range of hearing damage is very small so everyone personal experience to outdoor listening to music distress . Note: I know the concept of 1 milliwatt? An ordinary light bulb 60 watts of power, the power of the TV as much as 300 watts, cheap head phones browse this information with computer have 300 watts, the most environmentally friendly. PHS transmit power reached 400 mW per square meter, then the energy level should be quite safe, even if the Bluetooth manufacturers to maximum power, 100 mW, the power of the Bluetooth headset only quite PHS a quarter.

street by 50 cent wired over-ear headphones HERBORIST eye cream o facing HR What you should ask.txt

Herborist Eye o facing HR What street by 50 cent wired over-ear headphones should ask

Oral communication problems, the higher the General Staff of the Polaris Electric candidates OF ELECTRIC performance as HR often loving exchanges with job seekers, the communication skills know talent also let HR know how the temperament characteristics HERBORIST cream, and personal upwind. Of course, in the HR questions is also some attention, first street by 50 cent wired over-ear headphones ask questions underlying purpose should be deep with the company street by 50 cent wired over-ear headphones try and post Yu-mei d Metro International feet room, for example, street by 50 cent wired over-ear headphones say salary of the position street by 50 cent wired over-ear headphones are seeking Herborist eye cream, of course, but also appointed Wan interrogation. Coherent and work must also be asked, like the rest time, work, and so on, if these problems are at work will need to face, street by 50 cent wired over-ear headphones know more about some of the current task of the development of urban auxiliary Herborist eye cream. And establish an outstanding association via these same processes, and HR, also allows HR trust, street by 50 cent wired over-ear headphones might well dispose of the workplace interpersonal closed system such problems, these are beneficial HR choice to do the job the most genius election interview as a two-way interactive link Herborist eye cream, not just HR questions job applicants also request job seekers to justice within the context of the HR rhetorical. In addition, if street by 50 cent wired over-ear headphones ask the question is very detailed, but also allows HR feel street by 50 cent wired over-ear headphones incomparable sense of humor on the job, must put the spirit to do the preparations, also very land progress HR interested in street by 50 cent wired over-ear headphones level.

wireless kleer High delivery imminent trading opportunities appear.txt

High delivery will soon be implemented for trading opportunities appear

Broader market shocks climbed experienced early heavyweight performance differentiation gradually become more active in the performance of small-cap stocks, the subsequent market style or have switched, expected will take on heavyweight set up the stage, singing the situation by small-cap stocks, stocks still will continue active trend. Based on this consideration, it is recommended that to investor concern Pennefather Technology. The company is a professional wireless mouse, keyboard leading enterprises, with 2.4G wireless series, the series of Bluetooth wireless game V series and wired N series and other series products, 2.4G wireless connection, without delay, free code intelligent connection, Blu-ray tracing, and power-saving technology applications lead the industry level. The companys products to the wireless, wired, supplemented, currently ranked first in market share of the domestic wireless mouse and keyboard industry. The company raised investment projects will come on stream, the capacity expansion at the same time strengthen the technical diversification advantage. Construction projects of the mouse and keyboard products, audio wireless speakers, headphones industrial projects, construction projects of the industrialization of the wireless game controller, technical center construction projects and marketing headquarters and information platform construction project, these five raise investment project will begin this year to come on stream, ease the companys capacity planning while strengthening the companys technology diversification advantage to ensure the companys long-term development. The same time the company this year will be entirely the production of its own brand and own brand Pennefather products as first-line brand to break into the overseas market, which will greatly help the company to enhance the visibility of the company as well as the gross margin level. The latest announcement shows the 2011 equity distribution program: the dividend of a cash dividend of 7.00 yuan including tax for every 10 shares, 7.00 shares for every 10 shares, making the stock has a high delivery concept. Other shareholders of record date for the May 8, 2012, the ex-dividend date of May 9, 2012, the high delivery imminent implementation of a certain boost the stock price. The secondary market, the stocks recent Zhubo shock rise, the short and medium term moving average showed a trend of long array in the market as a whole continued strong performance of small-cap stocks active area of ​​the background, the stock is expected to continue the strong continued upside. MACD indicators the lows just Jincha release positive signals, investors can take an active interest, bargain intervention.

cheap ear phones IPhone5 no surprise the majority of users disappointed experts optimistic about sales prospects.txt

The iPhone5 have not surprise most users disappointed Experts optimistic about sales prospects

And the founders of this miracle, is Apple. An era is finally over.

View mediocre iPhone5 will be increasingly powerful Samsung beat Apple will therefore shattered myths. Compared to domestic questioned U.S. media iPhone5 much more positive, not the mainstream media questioned Apple has run out of ideas really, the start-up of the fleeting glance , iPhone revolutionaries face in front of consumers. and laid the Apple myth cornerstone. Relatively speaking, the subsequent generations of iPhone products, although it is better and better, but more is improved rather than revolution. To iPhone5 mediocre hat has been mercilessly buckle down the history of business innovation, are leading the trend for several years, collar flair for decades such as Microsoft was a miracle. Nokia, Motorola year also fame, but now the two giants Merry has been rain and wind to go. Consumers always expect Apple can come up with a disruptive innovation products, but where there is so much of the world disruptive innovation? Miracle always want to return to ordinary Apple eventually from the altar walked down this world this would be no sun never set realistic to say that, if not preconceived the iPhone5 expectations too high, iPhone5 is still the best smart phones currently on the market. Public opinion evaluation is not high, mainly because the iPhone previous generations too gorgeous, greatly lifting consumer appetite. If iPhone5 not Apple introduced new but by HTC, MOTO, I believe will certainly get a burst of applause from the view of the development of the industrial history of the vast majority of innovation is not a breakthrough, but the gradual, tiny innovation accumulation breakthrough innovation will appear in a given day. Then, the innovative re-entry into the progressive and cumulative process of brewing a revolutionary innovation in the next round. From this point of view, the majority of consumers should be concerned about the iPhone5 improvements in a small part of the shell manufacturing, assembly process, the lens manufacturing process, the headset design, these cumulative minor improvements, is likely to make the future iPhone8 iPhone9 again The epoch-making product. iPhone5 availability successful? Also be a time and market testing. Tian Zhiming

Friday, December 14, 2012

durable head phones London riot police armed to the teeth, preparing for the Olympic Games security chart.txt

London riot police armed to the teeth is preparing for the Olympic Games security Figure

Global Network reporter reported Tam Julia, a suspected suicide bomber, according to the British Daily Mail reported on April 27, the 27th broke into the the London downtown area within a building and threatened to detonate themselves. Tottenham troublemakers eventually was subdued after police negotiations, but this false alarm to let people see the London riot polices ability to respond to emergencies Emergency According to reports, the man broke into the center of London on 27 Court Road, an office building to make trouble. Witnesses said to tied him several compressed gas cylinders, and threatened to detonate their own after the incident, London police quickly dispatched snipers, the Hurt Locker soldiers, nuclear, biological, and chemical weapons expert, as well as dozens of riot police and blocked the whole street. After lengthy negotiations, the man was eventually taken away by the police due to the distance of the opening of the Olympic Games less than three months time, this action is also seen to the London polices preparations for Olympic security. The operation, the first line of riot police concern, called armed to the teeth: they wearing balaclava to cover the whole face, above, is equipped with a headset and microphone, durable head phones can feel collaborative dialogue personnel; wearing ballistic synthetic fiber armor, my chest with a 9 mm pistol, 17 rounds of ammunition can bursts; equipped with special hooks on his shoulders, once injured, players can make use of it quickly towed away. In addition, on the legs of the police were also placed on the other pistol and a rifle, 25 rounds of ammunition it can bursts.

apple in ear Might sound Purepiper HE100 headphones.txt

The HE100 headphones might sound Purepiper

Housekeeping will find me too long-winded, but actually I think its very important. Many things that have a frame of reference. That contrast apple in ear have to cf object. Otherwise, how to say it? In fact, everyone has a standard. Multimedia or other audio and even high-end system came friends, already in apple in ear mind the system default a standard, unless apple in ear never did not enter through this door. You hear the sound better than apple in ear standard, apple in ear will be commended. Therefore, to establish a correct standard is actually a very important thing. PRO-700 has been getting along for several years, the old headphones already impressed to see Purepiper headphones, left a deep impression to the red class packaging boxes. Repeat a future gifts is also a good choice, that face, another taste. HE100 hold in apple in ear hand is not a light weight weight than my original. Appearance and workmanship of the headphones are pretty good, poor appearance changed Purepiper doing it in Shanghai of several Purepiper flagship are shared. Compared amp appearance amp craft sent some, a quick look okay. Look carefully to see the amp panel than the fuselage still can to a large circle about 0.3 mm in the overall laapple in eart of the amp. The volume control knob is very smooth, clearly marked. Unfortunately, the power indicator LED is too dark, the night not feeling bright during the day and have to be careful to see to know the power indicator light. The pure flute logo is very eye-catching. Good headphone cable, outsourcing braided wire length not stingy, cable ties very intimate. The power switch is in the right side surface is also very convenient. Half an hour waiting the amp body of the superstructure middle of a slight temperature 31 degrees. Amp backplane concise, clear signs. Moreover, also comes with a power cord also to save the long-winded. Since we put a small card and Inspection Mark is a pity as a headset products, but blank what did not fill very rigorous. Headphones have a burn in test before shipment program? At this time, how good to leave a mark. Or simply do not want this inspection mark. It also need Purepiper the leadership to be considered, to strengthen this aspect of management is smoothly connected to the open sound. So he began to burn in with my last to Minhang H home made yindie of start. During tempted listened to a few first connected device: DAC is a coaxial input, myself Morocco decoder decoding chip as The AD1955 is. Volume and internal practices and pure flute is exactly the same including the power transformer. The DAC and pure flute DAC-1 had two weeks of interchangeable history, strengths and weaknesses. Pure flute DAC-1 is relatively heavy, and my more slender. However, do not go through as long as two weeks of audition is relatively hard to distinguish. Audio cable wire the pure flute coaxial and pure flute this homemade yindie has repeatedly heard many times and also heard in H201, S701, plus details of my dual 8-inch floor box music very clear, and the state in which what sound clearer comparison with familiar music is a sensible way to better resolution of the details of the music reflects the good. Interpretation of some of the needs of transient instruments with better performance, inherited consistent style pure flute. Listen to the guqin zither plucked Nazi pronunciation and some of the details are very realistic, and my original sense of headphones to listen to quite two dynamic instrument, headphone amp with good, better than my original system. There is no driving force to keep up with the feeling. The large dynamic yindie have good performance. Unison like Pictures at an Exhibition, Sudden continuous drum performance is very good, reflecting the amp to have the thrust and the headset itself to large dynamic endurance. Better than my original headphones Third, the low-frequency performance is very commendable, dive depth Moreover, there is strength. Bass request friends for the forum should be able to meet. Amp output capability and headset bearing capacity. Big preparation in listening, classical dynamic and continuous country music instruments drums very shocking momentum. But this is a little bit heavy. FB equalizer 55,77,110 Hz the slight attenuation like a little and I got used to the original PRO700 related. For friends want to listen to the bass must be like. HIFI friends box to listen to nine out of ten is not the bass. Unless apple in ear are burning through the H201. Victory than the original PRO700, alto treble side, feeling quite satisfactory, moderate weight. Unlike some audio specially strengthened to please people. The treble also not have the feeling of glitches. Vocal specially choose the so-called representatives of saliva song Tong Li, a few did not notice excessive feeling. Listen to the first few songs Tsai performing well five, left and right channel balance, did not depart from the phenomenon. Specially emperor whole set amp system does not balance adjustment function test, there is no problem. Nine positioning is very accurate six, overall a good musical sense, especially the interpretation of classical music. After two hours of continuous listening like do not have this feeling in the beginning. Audition in specially choose a big preparation of the Royal and Ancient Royal unique style and solemn, very charm. Shows the designers skills and understanding of music. But I always felt that the bass a little too much weight, giving the overall feel heavy. So ​​far has been in the FB equalizer adjustment. This may be a personal preference of the designer and the differences in understanding of the music here is not appraise. After all, a sound product has its own style and characteristics. Pure flute course has its own characteristics and style. The course, which is usually got used to the the listener class the PRO700 affected here have to mention the music a sense of, in fact, it is very difficult to use language to express clearly, I think the overall feeling when listening. Every time I go to the International Audio Show to listen to the maker of the the flagship system are heavy feeling. Overheard single take such lean-type products like Italian force, feeling immediately seven, like H201. Here, I would like to cite the example may be the image of some of the level the audio plus SF50 before and after I heard Purepiper flagship system REM promote the S701 and H501 H201 and H60 push. My original headphone system is roughly equivalent to the H60 push the H501, while the the pure flute headphone system pure flute the amp plus flute headset is more like H201. Of course, this removal of the sound field of the listening environment factors. Headphone frequency response curve and the frequency response curve of H201 compared to illustrate this point. During the audition would sometimes think to have heard the tone of the H201. Listen H201 is also these first eight, cost issues. Have to explain here, pure whistles this set a little more than all fairness should be very good value. Imagine a HD650, and K701, Q701 headphones have two thousand, plus a decent amp have 3000-something. Of course, this package cost is quite high. But we also have to consider the effect of the brand. The brand quite heart implied, played a significant role for the feelings of the heart. Performance is equivalent to playing on the break total is also cost-effective. If the the this amp system Purepiper is hung up a well-known, the doubling of prices can sell out. Big headphones, even if there are deficiencies may think the original is so tolerate on later, but if this new brand of pure flute may begin long-winded the smaller at the same time for the cash-strapped friend and listening environment friends, want to feel the pure flute H201 13-inch speaker box friends, this package is a good choice. For multimedia subwoofers friends will be able to accept. Because this set of headphones package bass is quite good. Immediately think of the H201 feel like listening to hear some. Pure flute set of headphones combination is worthy of recommendation in the past I feel when listening to headphones and speakers headphones Audio-Technica are always some of the lack of bass, now there is this feeling, and I listen to their boxes, but also comfortable. I the box always feel a peak at about 80 weeks, a little feeling.

Because of the relationship of the time, I just headphones comparison, the overall feel good. The comparison is a song to listen to it twice, in the middle for headphones. Not compare amp nine high sensitivity, and relatively easy to promote. To note is the the pure flute HE100 higher than my original headphones sensitivity, replacement Purepiper To decrease the volume switch in order to maintain the same volume. Causing curiosity push what I do not know how to use their computers sound card? Then insert a separate sound card ES1371, audition works well. Comes to about the amp push into seven or eight of course excluding the DAC factor, refers only to promote aspects. Also HE100 easily push again to access the onboard sound card ALC662 thrust was significantly less than the ES1371, but less demanding, then apple in ear can listen to all volume is maximized before they reach the normal listening volume. Then put the phone to die. Can only be said to emit sound.