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chrome hearts

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Dress up a white shoe fresh and beautiful summer, 522 Sunday Guijie

ring white shoes with a pair of feet,
are you still wearing them? Walking on the road for an average of two minutes,
hit shoes,
N times embarrassed,
do not want to! This experience is not let you go home,
immediately put on the small white shoes on the shelf,
and then gradually submerged in many shoes in the sea.
In fact,
white shoes can have new light points! Isnt it beautiful? Immediately there is a very summer,
unique feeling! A | painted white shoe still hesitant what? With a gentle and comfortable Sunday afternoon to begin creating a pair of aura white shoes! Percent back! Dear,
he sees these shoes,
100% more love creative you! Two experience | painted white shoe field teacher will introduce ten lovely cartoon image drawing skills have a special surprise gift site allows you to pick with white shoes for everyone,
waterproof and dustproof! What are you hesitating about? With a gentle and comfortable Sunday afternoon to begin creating a pair of aura white shoes! Percent back! Dear,
he see

[finale] in these two days, the Spanish champions contend, the Premier League 4 hegemony

ring of the picture is todays ESPNFC.
com headline.
Barcelona and Real Madrid will be chasing glory tonight.
In a word,
the final suspense of Europes major leagues this season will be announced! The game will start at the same time,
five star sports will also bring full support of the Spanish finale finale live broadcast! La Liga thirty-eighth round of the May 14th 22:55 Star Sports Home Court: Granada (16) - Barcelona times: La Coruna vice (13) - Real Madrid Xiaobian explain,
home court,
deputy panoramic live screenings is what does it mean? Because of the thirty-eighth round of the Spanish League,
the two title wars are kick-off at the same time.
Starting from 22:55,
star sports will broadcast Barcelona away on the Granada game.
At the same time,
once the Real Madrid away is important to happen in La Coruna in the game,
we will directly switch signal to the game.
As the game goes on,
we will pass on the most important information to the fans on the basis of the standings and on the pitch.
And when

3 Di Ali Gerba Zhang Yunlong kuangshuai

ring s big coffee show ushered in the Di Ali Gerba and Zhang Yunlong this time,
always in the play daozhui Reba finally stand up,
Zhang Yunlong holding rose zhuina table zhuina iron man chase.
Reba is also the site to their expression package dubbing Zhang Yunlong had a BA sister so far.
Spoilers want to see more,
Barbara down down down powder fast click the picture or read the text on this issue bazaar coffee show

How to identify naked pictures by convolution neural network model

ring  Intelligent Company Clarifai recently launched the artificial identification of adult content and API NSFW model,
the model can accurately identify containing nudity and topless pictures and video,
in this blog Clarifai,
the author used naked detection problem to show convolutional neural network model training modern version (ConvNets) what is the difference with the past study.
Last week,
we formally announced the Not Safe for Work (NSFW) adult content recognition model on Clarifai.
This week,
one of our data scientists will show you how computers can learn to tell naked people.
Warning statement: This article contains nude pictures for scientific purposes.
If you are under eighteen years old or are not allowed to browse nude pictures,
please stop reading immediately.
In the past twenty years,
automatic detection of naked pictures has been the focus in the field of computer vision,
because of its rich history and clear objectives,
the problem is to understand the development and changes in th

Monday, August 21, 2017

Wang Feng entrepreneurial way of ridicule but tough life did not choose PPT first

ring  said,
entrepreneurship is like playing games,
all the way to Daguai,
all the way to upgrade.
Encountered boss to blood,
and investment is to give you the blood.
But this game does not have a fixed set of games,
entrepreneurs can only step by step groping.
Axe technology founder and CEO,
the blue harbor interactive group board of directors chairman Wang Feng yesterday in the course of horse camps share entrepreneurs to deal with the relationship between 10.
The following is the speech of Wang Feng general situation,
first to feel its power down down down (PPT first) oral | editor Wang Feng | wake up 1997-2006 years,
I did three things: first,
Kingsoft second generation product manager for three years.
antivirus software business for three years.
the game business for three years.
10 years,
I found that many of the following brothers are out of business,
and I was the last to go.
The following excerpt from the small part of the classic oral wake up carefully arranged to see Wa

Up position, business people teach you how to play, transfer funds flow

ring ness,
its nature is the ideal state.
But the reality of the scene is often: look at profitable,
but not enough to do business cost ah! Anxious to spend money,
although the amount is not large,
but the turnover does not open! This mouth scratching,
could not eat hot tofu taste,
presumably for the majority of business people who have experience.
How do you break it? To loan! Business people playing money this thing inside the abacus,
99 nothing more than two: first to borrow money,
second flexible repayment.
These nine words out easily,
do some difficult: not only convenient,
for the amount to be able to meet the demand,
but also the loan repayment freedom rapidly.
Very worried business who defected to the bank,
the bank teller smiled to tell you everything in good order and well arranged: Please bring along the N application materials,
N+1 qualification certificate,
please also in working days specified again to handle; in a number of working days to review your application material

More profiteering than real come, a queuing number was speculation to 7000 yuan

ring roperty mortgage registration mortgage number staged a number,
hard to play,
cattle popular,
a number of speculation to 7000 yuan price.
Shenzhen property market has soared,
after the new volume was cut,
in this case,
the red (i.
the mortgage housing property permits mortgage,
housing property certificate book is red) cash boom why suddenly rise? Mortgage cash trends Shun line people Mr.
Ren in the daily economic news (micro signal: nbdnews) interview with reporters,
Shun in April through the red mortgage business chain in March more than 30% - 40%.
The red mortgage unpopular there are two main reasons: the weakening of liquidity in the property market in Shenzhen,
the sale of the house there is a certain degree of difficulty.
Shenzhen property market has experienced skyrocketing,
housing mortgage valuation increase,
through the form of a mortgage to get more cash.
After the Shenzhen property market freeze may appear bamboo plate,
mortgage people may have the idea of market hunters.