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chrome hearts

Monday, August 21, 2017

More profiteering than real come, a queuing number was speculation to 7000 yuan

ring roperty mortgage registration mortgage number staged a number,
hard to play,
cattle popular,
a number of speculation to 7000 yuan price.
Shenzhen property market has soared,
after the new volume was cut,
in this case,
the red (i.
the mortgage housing property permits mortgage,
housing property certificate book is red) cash boom why suddenly rise? Mortgage cash trends Shun line people Mr.
Ren in the daily economic news (micro signal: nbdnews) interview with reporters,
Shun in April through the red mortgage business chain in March more than 30% - 40%.
The red mortgage unpopular there are two main reasons: the weakening of liquidity in the property market in Shenzhen,
the sale of the house there is a certain degree of difficulty.
Shenzhen property market has experienced skyrocketing,
housing mortgage valuation increase,
through the form of a mortgage to get more cash.
After the Shenzhen property market freeze may appear bamboo plate,
mortgage people may have the idea of market hunters.

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