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chrome hearts

Monday, August 21, 2017

Wang Feng entrepreneurial way of ridicule but tough life did not choose PPT first

ring  said,
entrepreneurship is like playing games,
all the way to Daguai,
all the way to upgrade.
Encountered boss to blood,
and investment is to give you the blood.
But this game does not have a fixed set of games,
entrepreneurs can only step by step groping.
Axe technology founder and CEO,
the blue harbor interactive group board of directors chairman Wang Feng yesterday in the course of horse camps share entrepreneurs to deal with the relationship between 10.
The following is the speech of Wang Feng general situation,
first to feel its power down down down (PPT first) oral | editor Wang Feng | wake up 1997-2006 years,
I did three things: first,
Kingsoft second generation product manager for three years.
antivirus software business for three years.
the game business for three years.
10 years,
I found that many of the following brothers are out of business,
and I was the last to go.
The following excerpt from the small part of the classic oral wake up carefully arranged to see Wa

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