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chrome hearts

Saturday, October 14, 2017

How to identify naked pictures by convolution neural network model

ring  Intelligent Company Clarifai recently launched the artificial identification of adult content and API NSFW model,
the model can accurately identify containing nudity and topless pictures and video,
in this blog Clarifai,
the author used naked detection problem to show convolutional neural network model training modern version (ConvNets) what is the difference with the past study.
Last week,
we formally announced the Not Safe for Work (NSFW) adult content recognition model on Clarifai.
This week,
one of our data scientists will show you how computers can learn to tell naked people.
Warning statement: This article contains nude pictures for scientific purposes.
If you are under eighteen years old or are not allowed to browse nude pictures,
please stop reading immediately.
In the past twenty years,
automatic detection of naked pictures has been the focus in the field of computer vision,
because of its rich history and clear objectives,
the problem is to understand the development and changes in th

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